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Thursday, November 17, 2005

You Put A Little Light In My Life

Yay ELO!

Hi world, this is going to be a quickie. Working ce soir or trying to. Harumph. Could not get anything done with the troops out of town or on course, NBG out of town too and the tasks falling into my lap. This is a conspiracy to make sure that my work doesn't get done and it's super high profile important. Frustrating day.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh well. the kids are helping, bless their hearts.

M is excited about coming here. Just got the strangest feeling that that won't happen but it'll be OK. Wonder what that's all about. Oh right I know, his retirement course next week. Took it a few years ago. Booooo-ring.
More people things going on (calming them, mostly). Might be turning out to be a manager despite myself. Oh well, time will tell (all).

Had someone in tonight to give me a quote on installing some kind of gutter guard. I expected a rate of as much as $1K. It of course was higher but not much. $1220 only if I signed tonight (forget it!). The guy hemmed and hawed, did tons of testimonials, etc. and run-downs of the others. I kept explaining that I have a principle about making on the spot decisions. He kept trying to break that down including the dreaded 'pause'. I'm becoming impervious to manipulation and in fact resent that he even tried.

THey probably do have the best technology on the market but their sales approach SUCKETH!

Left here empty handed.

Am I the only one who doesn't like high pressure sales? He even pointed out that I could change my mind in 10 days under Ontario law and that their contracts highlight that.

Yah, I"m an idiot and never heard of cooling off laws.

*shaking head*

Well, better dip into the work a little, folks so this is short & sweet. Happy Thursday!!! Happy first snow, O-town!

Winnipeg you have my sincere sympathies....(((hug)))



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