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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

Man was Jerry Lee Lewis nuts or what? Gotta admire that spirit, tho, world...

Well don't remember yesterday at all. Did get to the dentist and whatever he did caused a lot of bleeding and took 2 hours (a bit more) to do. They must have gotten the dosage of the meds right because I don't remember a thing except going home and sleeping till 6:00, then going to bed. Think I visited a few blogs too...Now I can barely open my mouth wide enough to eat a sandwich. They did caps, upper and lower, on the same side of my mouth. Pretty sore. They called today to check about how I was, which was nice of them.

Missed NCIS.

But what the hey. Had to leave work early today too to get some glaucoma testing (to see how good/not my peripheral vision is). The last test they do is at 4:00 (some super-duper machine is involved) and so I left work at 3:00--not sure how bad the traffic would be. Got there just in time. Apologized to boss two times for leaving (this doesn't happen a lot, honest) and he didn't say anything. Oh-oh.

The issue is a big big presentation I'm putting on tomorrow for something that he's leading. The troops and I incorporated all of his comments on the work to be presented by noon, he had one more set of comments and both of them were working on it as I left. Doing their usual great job.

I am soooooo proud of them!!

Two of them (my troops) complained about The Witch giving them things to do (they don't report to her), and her (the Witch's) lead troop guy also asked for advice on how to deal with her. She rattles him so bad that it's affecting him at home and at work--and he is a steady, good natured and calm guy. Talked to NBG (the Boss) about all of it. He was to talk to Witch's lead guy this aft and her probably later. Then he had to go out. Asked me to call M and let him know that the job is a 'go', and that he (NBG) needs to talk to HIS boss as a final step to clear things. Which should go perfectly. M is on a course so I left him voice mail messages.

Am very excited about things progressing, not at all happy about all the medical appointments (or the Boss' reaction to them), VERY glad about M.

So here we are at the end of Wednesday. Sure hope things go fine tomorrow. It's pretty sure that it will, but you never know. Am just so glad that those folks are behind me. M's walking into a pretty sweet deal. He'll be able to handle the Witch too. NBG hates stuff like that and I don't blame him. She yells at HIM too. Weirdo (her).

Today is Lou's birthday, we found out by mistake. Happy BD, Lou!!!

OK off to post another joke. Don't like to post two in one night but this one's hilarious..hope you like it, hope you're all happy, warm and well...and working for the weekend!!!




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