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Sunday, November 27, 2005

War Without Tears

Hola world and happy Sunday soir!

How's that for sorta trilingual? Nah, that wouldn't count.

Anyway, this turned out to be an odd day. Still glad it was a weekend. Had a call from Sis warning that the mall that I wanted to go to eventually (rarely get out of the house before 2 on weekends) was blocked by police. Actually it isn't really a mall, so much as a huge bunch of stores within the same place --well, within 1/2 mile of each other--with no rooves overhead. Traffic was backed up the ying-yang and she was stuck in it.

Three hours later, went out, did groceries, then HAD to go to that area to look for a prezzie for Lou. It was her bd a few days ago and I am LATE. Knew exactly what I wanted to get, and it was at Chapters, and Chapters is part of that big mess of stores (the Centrum). Guess what, the street was still closed. There were only two ways into the place, both of them one lane (usually one is 4) and EVERYONE was driving homicidally. It.was.nuts.

And Chapters was sold out of what I wanted for Lou. OKKKKKK. Did have a plan B, which involved going to the second-worst place for parking in the city (Farm Boy Plaza, I guess it's called). It's bad because there is only one lane in AND out, the numbers of stores has tripled but the parking hasn't, and they added a huge Liquor Control Board store (the only place to get alcohol except beer--kind of like a State Store to our U.S. pals). There tend to be a lot of angry, testosterone-driven male 20 something yahoos in 4x4s in that parking lot, and guess what now they're all connected! Kanata has the highest concentration of retired people/seniors in the area, so the combination of slow walkers who ignore drivers, drivers in a hell of a hurry (and angry too at delays), one lane to go anywhere and not enough parking...mmmm, mmmm, mmmmmm drivers' version of hell. There is one worse, however, where a second concentration of seniors and ummm people new to Canada and cars live. There they just shut their eyes and floor the accelerator. No kidding. Dangerous place.

But I digress. The reason for the streets closure? Some folks had been at a restaurant/pub until 2:30 Sat. morning. Decided to do the responsible thing and stay at a Holiday Inn which is part of the Centrum/big unholy mess of stores. It would take a taxi to get from the restaurant to the HI. Anyway, previously (maybe just previously) there had been a turf battle between two cabbies over fares at the restaurant site. In the end, one of the people going from the bar/restaurant to HI, a woman, slipped on the ever-present (in Canada) ice, fell under the cab, and the cab took off with no one in it, and drove for at least 1/4 mile, dragging the woman under the damn cab the whole time, and even GOT ONTO THE HIGHWAY with the body still under the car--while her husband and pal chased the cab. Police got pulled into the act when her friends/witnesses called 911 and the Ontario Provincial Police. Plus someone called to report a body on the highway.

Can you believe that??? How stupid, deaf, and angry would the driver have to be not to know that something was dragging under the car? How could he not have seen the people running after him, yelling and pointing? At what point did that poor woman die?

I hope they throw the book at him. In fact, I'd volunteer to do it myself.

In view of all the anger and angst floating around (frustration over street closures and the very limited 'driving room' in that area), Mom and I didn't see HP again. Will go later, when folks get over being mad/shaken up. At an hour when kids will be in bed.

Then wound up in a drugstore mail counter to pick up a package that turned out to be my Microsoft Office Works stuff. In front of me were people gang mailing parcels all over the place. There was only one poor person working there until someone noticed the huge line up (of more folks with more packages. Two had two grocery carts piled over the top with them). *shaking my head*...this appears to have been one of those 'wrinkle in the universe' days. Best forgotten except by the friends and family of that poor woman.

The mom of a long-time boyfriend passed away this weekend. Have you women ever dated a guy who was just great for you, a great pal, even like his family--but no spark? Gregg and I dated for two years and it never got romantic on my part. At my bridal shower, his mom and mine got along like a house afire. Both agreed I was nuts for not marrying Gregg. But I didn't. No point if the emotions aren't there.

Would I have made the same choice again, knowing what I do now? Well, no I would never have married Steve. What I took for lightheartedness was being stuck at age 18. I say that with no rancour, it's just how it was. Gregg was more my speed but I was immature too and too eager to wind up with someone who in no way resembled my father. That could have been Gregg just as well, but I didn't see it at the time.

Ah the errors of youth. No regrets, have learned a lot. Sorry for the loss of his mom, she was a good person. One of two cases I know of where the husband senior outlived the wife senior.

Anyway, just a note to say watch the stupid cabbies in Ottawa and suburbs. This isn't the first death involving taxi drivers' patrons lately--even the 6:00 news commented on it.

Stay safe folks, freezing rain tonight. Am trying to set up a website to link to this blog like DMJ does but so far am only messing up. One day....



  • At 11/28/2005 09:17:00 PM, Blogger DrinkJack said…

    Sounds like an overall negative day. Hope it balances out in the end :)

  • At 11/28/2005 10:20:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Hey Jack, that's a good way of putting it. Negative but it didn't feel bad, just dangerous to be out and about (sort of like the universe is saying "STAY HOME!").

    I was wrong, that cab was a cab-van (is hard to feel the road in those) but it dragged that lady 1.5 kilometres.


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