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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


From Tommy!

Hola world, how goes it? Have been in and out the last few days and almost missed tonight. Had the best news--New Boss is having lunch with M as an 'interview' next Tuesday! And I set it up!! Am so happy am beside myself.

He's perfect for the job they're thinking of. Man sure hope this works out. Am trying not to get my hopes up. I said (to NB) that M is light years ahead of me in his knowledge of our (mutual) field of work, and NB looked me right in the eye and said 'I can't conceive of that at all'. Isn't that nice?

Work going well, stuff getting done and the tasks are piling up. It's a good thing I'm fast but man!! The troops are happy, hopefully growing. Today alone I inherited 4 more tasks/meetings but it's all stuff that I said needs to be done. And will be.

Am getting caps on Thursday (YAY) so am taking the day off...adding up to a super long weekend. Am so jazzed about M and all the work I have to do that I'd be working tonight if they allowed us to hook up to work computers at home (they don't, security thing). Set the lunch up around 1:00 today and am still 4 feet off of the ground. And none of this has to do with the love bug, am over that, am just excited for him as a person and for us in getting that calibre of expertise.

Calm down Bridg!!!

My poor Mom is going with me to the dentist on Thursday morning. How many almost-54 year olds do you know take their MOMs in with them to the dentist??? Because I take Halcion before the appointment, the dentist's office is legally liable for me going to the appointment and going home, so they won't 'let' me take those trips alone. So poor Mom is coming with me to and back from the dentist's.

This is silly, but I understand why.

They're worried I'll mug the taxi driver.

Ha ha ha.

Oh well. Sorry Mom but thank you so much for helping. This appointment is in the middle of the week, which is why I'm not getting a pal to do this. But still feel stupid doing it.

It is freezing cold here but am still not wearing a jacket. It's a principle--the minute the jacket goes on, it's officially winter-ish. Nah, not yet. No icicles or snow yet.

BTW feel like I"m getting a cold. Geeeez wonder why?

Sorry that this post is soooo all over the place but I'm still ummmmmm 4 feet off of the ground. Oh yah and NCIS was on tonight....and found a great restaurant near work...

Will be more sensible next post.

OK I"ll TRY to be more sensible!

Have a warm, safe, happy night, world!

Hugs, Bridg

p.s. promised to update you on the stupid drug store thing.

Here is what I wrote:
I have been a customer of the Van Leeuen Centre SDM for 14 years. The last 3 times I tried to refill a prescription (and these meds are for blood thinners, beta blockers, etc. not frivilous things), I have had very serious problems getting the refills.

I was waited on all 3 times by a very large, hostile young woman who lied to me (told me that the doctor had not called her back--the doctor said that SDM never contacted them in the first place, and on top of that that my prescription was for a year and didn't need to be authorized). Yesterday I went to refill a Paxil prescription, which is a daily medication. I was told by this same person that Paxil was on back-order till December. Now, Paxil is a very commonly prescribed medication, and I am positive that she had to either be mistaken, or this SDM is extremely incompetent at stocking.

I took that prescription and went to Pharma Plus. Got it filled in minutes. No attitude, no stories about back-orders, just pleasant normal business-like treatment.

I won't be going back to SDM once my current prescriptions are ended. My brother left SDM for the same reason a year ago.The execreble service provided by this woman just cost you three customers (my mother won't go there anymore either). I think someone should find out what the heck happened to this store. It used to be great. Since August-September, it's gone down the tubes.

Sincerely and not very happily

Reply e mail I got within 24 hours:

Thank you for your email regarding the Shoppers Drug Mart located at the Van Leeuwen Centre in Kanata, ON. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced.
We have forwarded your concerns to the pharmacist.owner of this store for further investigation and follow up. We know that he will meet with his entire team in order to ensure a complete understanding and commitment to our high standards of customer service. Your concern could have been managed in a more tactful, diplomatic and professional manner.

Your comments and concerns are very important to our continued success and we once again thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. As an added apology, we would like to add some Shoppers Optimum points to your card. Please provide us with your Shoppers Optimum card at your earliest convenience.
We look forward to hearing from you.

At least they were quick and are trying to do the right thing. Am not looking forward to round 4 with Olga or whatever her name is.

Hey maybe I can go after the dentist appointment! At least then I won't remember the aftermath!!

tee hee hee


  • At 11/08/2005 10:08:00 PM, Blogger Wandering Coyote said…

    Well, good on you to be proactive and write that letter. Paxil on back order? Absolutely ridiculous, and absolutely a lie hands down. The letter they sent you in return I'm sure is just lip service. I used to get my perscriptions at Zellers and they were pretty good and had the cheapest dispensing fee. And I got HBC points.

  • At 11/09/2005 12:05:00 AM, Blogger The Zombieslayer said…

    Good luck at the dentist. I get dental insurance in 3 months and I'm scared. it's been about 3 years since my last appt.

  • At 11/09/2005 07:36:00 AM, Blogger Mel said…

    So excited for you about M! :)

    Good luck at the dentist today, and tell Mom that I said 'hi'!

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  • At 11/09/2005 03:22:00 PM, Blogger nutty said…

    Woo-hoo. Lot's going on.

    Don't eat chewy candy, though. My sister has popped her caps off lots and then she looks like a vampire for a few days until she can get back in.

  • At 11/09/2005 04:04:00 PM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    I'm proud of you; you used a very grownup word for horseshit!

  • At 11/09/2005 08:20:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Thanks for the tip, WC and agree re the lip service thing. There's a Zeller's very close to my place. Will definitely check it out.

    ZS MAN do I hear you. If they didn't give me Halcion...I would have cancelled the appointment tonight. Too cold out there to bother with the dentist (rawk buk buk buk!)

    Mel I will indeed say hi to Mom for you. The appointment's tomorrow and the nail-biting is tonight. Hope M succeeds. I'm back down on earth tonight. Hope I didn't jinx it by getting all excited....

    Thank you for the chewy candy info thing, Undies, I didn't know that. Think the whole caps idea is stupid but since they keep nagging...that vampire bit is hilarious....

    Tshsmom, isn't that a COOL word? I just love writing (not saying) it. It was realllly hard not to use the 4 letter zingers we all know and love...tee hee hee!!


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