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Monday, November 28, 2005

Too Bad Not To Share

Thanks for this one, Bob! Love it....

Scrooge was sitting in his office the week before Christmas. He was counting his money, making sure he had made enough profit for the year.
Suddenly, he became aware of an irritating noise. He could not concentrate on anything else. He realized the sound was coming from under his desk. Looking under the desk, he was surprised to see Jiminy Cricket, playing a tune. He crouched down, and said "Jiminy, What are you doing?"
"I'm singing you a Christmas carol," Jiminy replied, "but I've forgotten the words, so I'm just humming it instead." "That's not all," said Scrooge. "You're only playing the first bar, over and over again."
"Well," says Jiminy, "I guess that makes me a bar hum bug."


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