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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Rock This Town

ARTIST: Stray Cats
TITLE: Rock This Town
Lyrics courtesy of: http://www.guntheranderson.com/v/data/rockthis.htm

Well, my baby and me went out late Saturday night
I had my hair piled high and my baby just looked so right
Well, pick you up at ten, gotta have you home at two
Mama don't know what I got in store for you
But that's all right 'cause we're looking as cool as can be

Well, we found a little place that really didn't look half bad
I had a whiskey on the rocks and change of a dollar for the jukebox
Well, I put a quarter right into that can
But all it played was disco, man
Come on, pretty baby, let's get out of here right away
We're gonna rock this town, rock it inside out
We're gonna rock this town, make 'em scream and shout
Let's rock, rock, rock, man, rock
We're gonna rock 'til we pop, we're gonna rock 'til we drop
We're gonna rock this town, rock it inside out
Well, we're having a ball just a-bopping on the big dance floor
Well, there's a real square cat, he looks like 1974
Well, he look at me once, he look at me twice
Look at me again and there's a-gonna be fight
We're gonna rock this town, we're gonna rip this place apart
...rock this place apart
...rock it inside out
We're gonna rock this town, rock it inside out
We're gonna rock this town, rock it inside out

Well, world, the weather sure is rockin' THIS town. High winds, rain that sounds like hail, thunder and lightening. Mom and I decided to not go out tonight, the rain and wind was that bad. Not that there's much to worry about with WonderCar, but other drivers? Ottawa is the home of 'shut your eyes and floor it' type driving. You wouldn't believe who they give drivers' licenses to here. But that's a different rant.

Got the framed paintings today (they're smaller than I thought they would be but gorgeous). Didn't feel like putting them up but did (in the office). The frames are a bleached denim blue with silver around the inside edge. The pics themselves are of the same cathedral in Cuba, one at night, one in day. Really cool in oils. Bought it from the painter when Doris and I were there a few years ago.

Next project: Pick a photo from when Mom and I were in Mexico, blow it up and laminate it.

Annny how, finally did 2 weeks worth of laundry, sent in a formal complaint about the drug story/pharmacy thing, changed linens and litter, did recycling and trash, the usual household stuff. And this Thursday is the first of two days getting caps done HOORAY after 30 years of nagging. Yah, these have been 'temporary' since the mid 70s. Finally got sick of the dentist nagging me, so am getting the first 2 of 5 caps done. The plan only covers so much per year, so I pay $1200 of the $2300. LOVE the anaesthetic! They give me Halcion to make sure that I'll show up (usually I phone and cancel the morning of the event, like root canals). Then they put a mask over my nose that makes everything go blue. A really neat shade of light blue. Then they search both arms for a vein and stick the other anaesthetic there. It's a mix of valium, demerol and one more thing that I always forget.

Man those treatments just don't last long enough. But at least I show up. The receptionists is the daughter of a friend of Mom's, and ALL the women who work there are into crystal healing, reiki, the whole mystic thing. We get into the coolest discussions there. Almost like not being at the dentist's.

Am never ever gonna eat pistachios again. Every time I do, get really really ill and today was no exception. The cramps and all the bad stuff goes on for hours. Does any one else get this reaction?

The new glasses are cool. Not having frames makes them a heck of a lot lighter on my face (yay) and since they're weaker (yup weaker) I can actually see better.

So got all those and more errands done. Good feeling. Just wish the weekend was one tiny day longer. Next weekend it is tho.

Saw a deer (a young one) in a ditch eating grass. It was so close to the traffic it was scary, hope it's OK. Seemed to be. Very calm, cool.

OK no more procrastinating, have to go to bed now.

Night world! Sleep tight, stay warm and 'don't worry, be happy' (tee hee hee)!!

Fondly, Bridg


  • At 11/07/2005 06:15:00 PM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    Z and I are going for new glasses tomorrow. MAYBE my eyes got better instead of worse? I doubt it.

  • At 11/07/2005 10:39:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    tshsmom, if you started out as nearsighted, I would bet on it. Here's hoping.....

  • At 11/08/2005 02:37:00 AM, Blogger The Zombieslayer said…

    The pics themselves are of the same cathedral in Cuba, one at night, one in day. Really cool in oils.

    Could you post a picture of either the paintings or the cathedral in Cuba. Very curious to what it looks like.

  • At 11/08/2005 09:50:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    OK will do ZS. Have to take the camera to work but will do.

    They're so colorful it's unreal. The day pic has birds flying and streaks of gold in it. The night one has stars and silver streaks in it.

    They are not conventional portraits, that's for sure. It took a long time to find a frame that was suitable for both, but finally did find one.



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