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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Possession Obsession

Yay Hall & Oates!!!

Hey world. Know I've been unbelievably happy these days. Today was the first non-headline-grabbing-great day in two months at the new job. So 2 months is pretty good.

Nothing bad happened. Just...well...a lot of things got slow. No one reason. Did get to spend a lot of time with two great colleagues for a few hours. Tomorrow, get to spend an hour with the Evil Witch at work. Usually when she does that she tries to threaten or intimidate me in guise of 'helping' or 'protecting' me. NBG said that she talked to him about her feedback/criticisms first. I asked if I should be concerned. He laughed and said no, just to smile and say 'yah yah yah' until she leaves.

This.is. odd. but whatever....Actually it's a task that she should be doing but he (NBG) took away from her.
How worried am I? Not, except I have to waste an hour tomorrow pretending to care. Actually I do pay attention, but then reflect to make sure that what I'm hearing doesn't have a second agenda. It usually does.

No news on the M front. He was supposed to be at home today and wasn't. The human resource lady we need to staff him has been sick every day this week. But we are still counting on Monday. Did get to talk to S and Marc today, which is always great. Issy, S and I are having dinner together next week.

Some very aggressive and bossy people are trying to drag me to their lair to work on some projects. The problem is that they're breaking every rule in the book, they think that the org I work for is out of control and incompetent (and that they're the smart ones--and worse, that they're our bosses) I have to tell them this ain't the way to go and there are 6 of them and 1 of me. And they want to do it on Friday afternoon. Is this going to happen? Not unless Hell freezes over.

The old office (G man) is still sending me questions and requests for help. In dealing with one of them, found out accidentally that Mr. B's girlfriend asked for something from G man, saying it was missing (one of my contract deliverables). Since this project ended a year ago, it's insinuating that the contractors got paid by me for work that they didn't do, ie. fraud. Wrote back, told G man how to find copies of the work. Then called the company and asked THEM to send extra copies too. Since my old office is ISO certified, they have copies anyway, unless someone 'lost' them after I left. My files for this project were used in ISO audits, so I know the stuff's there. It ticks me off that someone would go to such lengths to make me or M or both look stupid/bad/unethical. Am thinking of harassment action, but will wait to see if that's what it really is. Silly, dumb, childish etc. head games. You know the old saying "I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person"? Yah like that.

On the domestic front, all snow is gone. Yesterday it got to 17 degrees (a record breaking temp). Warm today too.

Sis was feeding Mom's cat people food (tuna) and he's lost so much weight it's scary. No one noticed it until I said something on Sunday. Vet agreed with me, give him CAT food. Picked some up for Mom/her cat on the way home and found out that what I've been feeding The Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe is junk food and that there's something WAY better according to the store staff. Bought it, gave it to both cats tonight and they gobbled it up like they were starving.

Shit. Now I feel bad. But glad that someone told me what to get for them (canned food is something I'm not familiar with. My other cats all ate dry. MSCITU quit eating dry after she had a bladder operation a few years ago). Well, you learn something every day....or since I switched jobs, every hour...

Had to move my illegally parked car at work today too. Not that I blame them. By the time I got to work (the crack of 9:10), all the spots were full so I created one. They didn't like that. OK OK I moved the car...

And tomorrow is another day!!!

Bridg (hiding under a rock)


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