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Friday, November 11, 2005

Do You Believe In Magic?

Hi world, hope your Remembrance Day/Armistice Day was good?

Am very grateful to those who fought to maintain and protect our way of life. But hate, absolutely abhor, anything that has to do with war. Have ever since I was old enough to remember. Even cowboy movies. Guess it's the conflict bit...

It was cold here again but sunny. It's also a statutory holiday, which is great. Someone pounded on the front door at 9:30 but I was already up (and stuck in the bathroom, so they didn't get an answer). Had to go back to THAT pharmacy. It was fun, let me tell you. Once again, they had difficulty finding an order I'd refilled by phone 5 days ago. The druggist ignored me. Cannot wait to see the end of my prescriptions there, let me tell you. Olga was there too but thank Heavens someone else was on cash.

But that was later in the day. Got to spend the morning reading the paper in the living room with the Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe curled up against my leg, purring and swishing her tail around. Sweet!

Also sent M something to read to help him get ready for Tuesday (his personal chemistry test).

Like some of you said on my last post--oh goody get to go back to the dentist AGAIN and pay the REST of the bill in a few days. Total is $2300 or something like that, of which our plan pays 45%. The dentist told me to 'baby' the teeth he'd worked on (yah right like I can see which ones were involved) and not to waterpik or floss (the two things they always nag/threaten me about? Yah those two) those teeth. Well, I saw something on a tooth near that area with stuff on it that looked like bread (you know, that white stuff) and took it off. How was I supposed to know that that was filling?

It was a tiny speck, think it was a small cavity and have NO idea of what they're gonna tell me to do on Monday. Also had a large open sore on the gum that wasn't there when I went in. No wonder there was pain yesterday!

Boy can't wait to go back there.

Just like the drugstore.

Hmmmm. Bad karma? Maybe they're related to Mr. B or Olga? Yee godszooks.

Had some shopping to do today and after finishing that, Mom wanted a ride to the drugstore (my new drugstore). This is a bit harder than it sounds because by that time I'd been to a few stores and couldn't take much more walking (if you read this blog and do dance or aerobics a lot, this is why you should stop those activities. Arthritis is a royal pain in the butt). But survived the whole thing, Mom's happy, I'm home (but sore). Some day I will learn to call Mom FIRST lol.

Also noticed (I forget how) that none of the smoke detectors were working. Figures, since I have lived here about 14 years and never replaced the batteries. So did that today. Funny thing is that one doesn't take batteries. Here I was, balanced (more or less) on a chair squinting into this thing looking for the battery place, with about 20 years' worth of dust falling into my face (am not the first owner of the house), then decided to give it up and put the thing back into its holder.

Easier said than done. But finally did it. Am way too lazy to dust ceilings. Dust can stay there as long as it leaves me alone.

Much more stuff to do tomorrow, but tonight's for relaxing. Hope that you are doing the same, and that your lives are free of bad karma, Mr. Bs, G-men (S is calling him Mr. Canoe-Head. It fits too), Olgas and rain. And conflict. May they be full of good karma, furry kitties/puppies, sun, long weekends, good pals and great bosses.

Hugs, Bridg


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