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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sweet Georgia Brown

Darn those basketball commercials! Now I can't get that stupid song out of my head...

Hi World!! Hope you're having a great week?

Almost stayed home to sleep today but since had a three hour tutorial in a new computer system lined up (one on one no less--very rare), dragged my carcass in to work. Everyone was in odd/bad moods. Made a stupid mistake in a slide presentation/deck. Unfortunately my boss found it, but apparently he gets a lot of 'crappy' stuff from my colleagues, so my shock/horror at the error wasn't called for. Still.....

The office I'm in for now (my boss') was so full of paper, so flipping unorganized/messy that today I couldn't stand it anymore and spent about two hours fixing it once the computer lady was through with me. Am not a neat freak (if you saw my floors/carpet you'd understand) but it was just so bad...anyway all fixed now. At least for a few hours. Makes it easier to concentrate. Don't understand how but it does.

Heard from M at the end of the day which is so nice. Am going to a #$!@%^ meeting that starts at 8:30 downtown tomorrow (means getting up at 6. I can barely get out of bed by 8), and TLT/Mr. B will likely be there. Said I'd say hello to him for M and me but would likely use something sharp to do it with. M talked me out of that. Said 'we need you here, not in jail' ....oh well another great idea shot to hell. Tee hee hee. Also had a chat with pal of pals Pauly. And he sent me a wonderful e mail too reminding me not to be too hard on myself. Are they the best or what? Sheesh I was lucky to be with those guys.

Not that the New Kids are bad--they're phenomenal. Miss being bad with Pauly tho (I mean acting up at work). Am behaving now but that's gonna have to end some time. Patience, Bridg, patience. Also went out for coffee after work with Lou (new pal at new job, who also has a nutso sense of humor). We're going to a blues club on Saturday YAY!!

Also noticed that all the walking at this new job is shaking loose a few pounds. Pants fitting loser. Hmm. cool.

Mom went to her first aquafit class since her heart attack Christmas Day. She was fine. Very happy with the class and seeing her old buddies. Nice to hear her enthusiasm. And she's back to weekly lunches with other buddies, so things are much much better for her these days.

And it's a long weekend this weekend AND NCIS was on tonight AND ...Monday's over lol. Looking good for now...let's hope it lasts.

Love ya, world!



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