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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Radio Goo-Goo

Hi World, hope your day was good?

It's still 'summer' here, oddly enough.

Did make the crack-of-dawn (8:30) meeting. Was the first one there! Mr. B/TLT wasn't there. Some people that I knew were, and it was a good morning. Brainstorming mostly. Did run into a former big shot in the field in which I work. He was meeting M that night for a beer and to give him career advice. Not sure that this guy knows which shoe goes on which foot, but hey. Gave M the low-down on the man's thoughts after the meeting.

Got a warning from a pal, a very senior one, about my new boss. She mentioned the high turnover and his emotional nature. Had noticed both things and realize that there's a vulnerability there BUT I trust and like this guy (my gut feel is usually right). It was nice of her to look out for me, though.

New Boss had some of our gang to lunch at his house to thank them for some extraordinary work that they did on a special task. The lady I'm acting for (new boss-lady) went to the lunch. She'd led the task work. According to the guys, she was very hyper, talked about nothing but work, and noted that half of her time off had passed, but she looked happy and better rested. Good. She, New Boss (guy) and I all have workaholic tendencies. After burning out twice, I've gotten mine (mostly) under control, I think New Boss (guy) has too for the most part. Not sure about New Boss (lady).

Personally I can't wait for her to come back. Am not a fan of managing, am much better at and happier doing the technical stuff.

Am first on the agenda for a meeting of New Big Shots tomorrow. The chair, and Prez of where I work, is someone I know from a long time ago. 1990, to be exact. He stuck me with an obnoxious and very very important task, is independently wealthy and I suspect a snob (one of those guys who won't talk to you unless you're at his level). He may have changed in the interim, I sure have. I've also gained...significant 'poundage' since last saw him. Most people don't recognize me from those days. Unfortunately they do recognize the voice. Oh well, we'll see how it goes. The kind of stuff I'm presenting hasn't been done in this group before. Hate going first. Oh well. It's only 15 minutes (allegedly).

Wish me luck, world!

Have a wonderful evening, Bridg


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