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Monday, October 03, 2005

It's The End of the World As We Know It

Hola world! Buenos noches or however you spell that...

First, that Celadrin and boosting the glucosamine worked wonders. Hardly hurt or 'swelled' all day, which is something new but great. Really felt like I am beginning to get a grip on this job. Sorta. Didn't feel lost or overwhelmed, and that's a good and new thing. Visited with each of 'the kids' (staff) first thing this morning. It's something M used to do that I loved. They're so young, so nice and enthusiastic.

Did get things done today. I mean started and done in the same day. Felt good. Then dummy here went and volunteered (in response to a New Boss question) to help set up a workshop in something I know a lot about. Unfortunately that means that I"m gonna have to get people to come to it and I don't know enough about the new org to do that. OK need someone to help me.

Is managing about getting people together/to help you? Used to think it was about doing but am pretty sure it isn't. At least for now it isn't.

Tried to read four heavy reports (I sort of have to present what we did in response to them on Thursday) but wasn't really comprehending what I read. Ever had one of those moments? Need sleep!

Got into work on time, brought lunch and for once ate it (healthy stuff). Also got to talk to S, who's gotta be one of the neatest, nicest, smartest and just all around greatest folks there is. Made my day. Also had to talk to a lot of people I didn't know here..who'd worked on those blasted reports I couldn't read. So many of them were new to the job it's funny (also makes me wonder what the heck is going on. A lot of retirements). Ever tried to follow up on something where everyone involved was gone? Permanently gone? Ya gotta laugh after a while.

Even had healthy stuff for dinner. Thus the title of this post.

I feel really sorry for the lady I'm replacing this month. Am seated in her office and every drawer is stuffed with junk and nothing useable. I mean trash. That's probably not a good sign. She got two boxes full of heavy stuff delivered to her today and I'm dreading asking someone to get whatever-it-is. Hopefully she's getting lots of rest.

Picked up a prescription for Mom's cat and delivered it today. She starts aquafit classes tomorrow which should be great for her. She misses her old buddies from the pool and a friend of hers teaches it. She's such a social animal, it must be tough the few days a month when she isn't out with her buds. The woman has a more active social life than I do!

Sis is cooking Thanksgiving dinner again (YAY!! Turkey, wine, no dishes and an extra day off yahoo!). Yet it's supposed to be hot-ish all week. This is such weird weather.

No word from Little Bro, so all is probably well. Think this is probably the fifth time this year we've had a phone call like the last one.

Have a wonderful evening, world!

hugs, Bridg


  • At 10/04/2005 08:53:00 AM, Blogger bsoholic said…

    I should start eating more healthy. Thanks for reminding me! :P Glad your new job is going good so far.

  • At 10/04/2005 01:37:00 PM, Blogger Ben O. said…

    I don't like eating healthy, but it is probably a good idea.

    If only french fries were proven to be good for you.

    Ben O.

  • At 10/04/2005 09:16:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Thanks and you're welcome, bsoholic! Not sure I like healthy eating either, as Ben O says (welcome Ben!). Don't french fries have vitamins or something??



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