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Friday, October 07, 2005

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Hola world, HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

Missed a day or two of posting. Falling asleep again...it's fall. Have noticed that in spring and fall when the temp changes, I start sleeping a lot. Must be part bear.

Anyway, the presentation on Thursday? The Prez didn't show, and it's a good thing he didn't. New Boss said that I was good, think I was OK but the substance, which we don't control, needed an update (which is done by others). Got great pointers and a warm welcome from the group. One of them, who gave good ideas on what the Prez is likely to react to said that it wasn't a reflection of the work, just his experience with the new boss on what he'd react to. That was great info, and I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. The stuff I presented had been hanging around since 1999. LATE. Everyone was and is supportive and nice--mutually supportive. It is just so nurturing.

What happened after was even better. Did get a lot of things done (they got 'unstuck' from the New Boss' office), got more work (also good), and one of the auditors--the more senior one--dropped by to tell me how much people like working with me, and that the entire audit staff wanted to join my/our group because of that. Wow. Made my day I can tell you that. Also got an attaperson (my version of an 'attaboy') on some work that I did from New Boss.

So ended my third week in the new place. Feeling fine, much more in control (or is it less out of control) in the job. Am going to dinner tomorrow at Lou's (she is such a sweetie). Sunday is Thanksgiving dinner at Sis'. Naturally, am the one bringing wine to both dinners. This is my fave holiday. No stress with it, like there can be at Christmas, the weather's wonderful (though it's raining here) and the trees are usually gorgeous. Plus you never can get too much turkey in my book.

Hey speaking of that the movie The Replacements was just on. Man I am not a football or even sports type, but can watch that movie half a dozen times and not get sick of it.

Also love rainy weather. Puts me in a good mood usually. OK I"m weird....lol.

Mom is feeling fabulous. Going back to aquafit is her proof that she can do what she used to do (prior to her heart attack last Christmas, which is when I started blogging). She sounds and feels top of her game, which is a real shot in the arm.

Speaking of shots in the arm, finally made an appointment at the crack of dawn (9:15) to see a sports med doctor to find out what in heaven's name is wrong with my knee/leg. The naproxen works but ...I just need to know what's wrong and how to fix it. It's been over 5 weeks.

So world, hope that you're happy, dry, and bundled up as needed. And that your weekend rocks!!

Love, Bridg


  • At 10/08/2005 07:53:00 PM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    Told you it would be fine!

  • At 10/09/2005 11:49:00 AM, Blogger .: raven :. said…

    i love fall .. it's my favorite time of the year.

    of course they all like working with you ... you're a delight!!

    i have never seen the Replacements ... i guess i'll have to check it out.

    it's supposed to rain/snow here this week. we will see, eh?


  • At 10/09/2005 02:09:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Thank you both for the vote of confidence, Tshsmom and Raven!!!

    Thanks for the pat on the back, Raven. Feels great (a) being liked and (b) dealing with folks who are nice and not angry little....men.

    The Replacements is a really cool movie, I think. It's about second chances with a humor thrown in. Another football movie came out about the same time: Remember The Titans. It's great too but in a totally different way.

    Hope your weather's good....hope not snow...



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