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Friday, October 21, 2005

City of New Orleans

The City of New Orleans courtesy of http://www.arlo.net/lyrics/new-orleans.shtml
by Steve Goodman

Riding on the City of New Orleans,
Illinois Central Monday morning rail
Fifteen cars and fifteen restless riders,
Three conductors
and twenty-five sacks of mail.
All along the southbound odyssey
The train pulls out at Kankakee
Rolls along past houses, farms and fields.
Passin' trains that have no names,
Freight yards full of old black men
And the graveyards of the rusted automobiles.

CHORUS:Good morning America how are you?
Don't you know me
I'm your native son,
I'm the train they call The City of New Orleans,
I'll be gone five hundred miles when the day is done.

Dealin' card games with the old men in the club car.
Penny a point ain't no one keepin' score.
Pass the paper bag that holds the bottle
Feel the wheels rumblin' 'neath the floor.
And the sons of pullman porters
And the sons of engineers
Ride their father's magic carpets made of steel.
Mothers with their babes asleep,
Are rockin' to the gentle beat
And the rhythm of the rails is all they feel


Nighttime on The City of New Orleans,
Changing cars in Memphis, Tennessee.
Half way home, we'll be there by morning
Through the Mississippi darkness
Rolling down to the sea.
And all the towns and people seem
To fade into a bad dream
And the steel rails still ain't heard the news.
The conductor sings his song again,
The passengers will please refrain
This train's got the disappearing railroad blues.

Good night, America, how are you?
Don't you know me I'm your native son,
I'm the train they call The City of New Orleans,
I'll be gone five hundred miles when the day is done.

WC hope you like this one because it is for you!

HAPPY FRIDAY WORLD! Did any of you slap a coworker or boss? Just checking.....

It was another perfect fall day here. Cool, crisp, sunny and clear. The kind of day to goof off but of course didn't.

The person (boss lady) I'm replacing is off for a few more weeks, possibly five. OK I"m still acting. Sigh. Well no one's died or complained yet so okay. The new office is like a palace. Can't believe how nice it is and it's even cool literally (this place is like an oven). Had a phone message from friend of friends Pauly, and a phone call from M. Lou and I went to lunch (well for 20 minutes) and drinks/dinner afterward. Can life get better? I doubt it. Overheard the boss mention my name on the phone to someone, saying that it's a great opportunity. I know he likes me (this man changes his mind a lot, but I know the feedback from him from all sources is very good) but it was disconcerting to hear someone mention my name. Oh well no biggie.

They caught Ardeth Wood's killer two years after the murder. Not Jennifer Teague's yet. Bums. Saw Wood's parents interviewed this morning--they are still in shock. Poor people.

Well, folks, we are off into another fall weekend. Hope that you are all fine, healthy, warm and dry. And that you get out to enjoy the foliage show.

Hey if you have a fireplace, now's a great time for fire. I don't have one...yet....but will experience it vicariously through you guys.




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