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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cinnamon Girl

Hey Neil Young!!!

Hi world, sorry I missed the last few days. Ankle swelled up like a balloon. Happened to go to Sis' for Thanksgiving and she/her girlfriend noticed the foot. Iced it and it looks normal! Working on the computer always messes things up anklewise, so I gave it a day's rest.

Yes am going to the stupid doctor tomorrow about it/knee/etc. Getting old sucks but it beats the alternative.

Hope your weekend was great, everyone? It rained here, which was great (no pain and a great excuse to not garden). Food was fabulous, family even better, and had all day Monday to catch up on housework like last week's laundry (you can only take so much of the cat holding her nose). All caught up now.

Had a, well, Monday today, even tho it's Tuesday (NCIS everyone!).

Lots of confusion--audit manager stealing both work and people until I put my foot down (with our boss. It is not my job to manage politics and none of the staff want to work with her, so he's on it) around 4:45 today. There is no politics as far as I go, I'm only acting boss for two more weeks, then I get to do some real work. Didn't want the poor guys who are hiding from this lady to get stuck with her.

Did manage to get work done too...oddly enough lol.

Not much else going on. Mom feeling great (aquafit works wonders for her), I'm scheduled at the doc's for two appointments (heart and feet), pretty much things are under control, or as under control as they're likely to be. Got to talk to M today, turns out he's in charge of something we had a rush on today. He was his usual lovely nice self. Isn't it great how sometimes GOOD things don't change?


It's still raining here and is supposed to all week. Hope wherever you are that you're warm, dry and happy, world.

Unless you like being cool, wet and grumpy lol.

Buenos noches!



  • At 10/12/2005 12:46:00 AM, Blogger The Zombieslayer said…

    Cold, but dry. Got a fire going right now. I'm probably going to go to sleep soon. Have a good night. :)

  • At 10/12/2005 05:53:00 PM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    NCIS was great last night!
    Looks like you're learning from past mistakes; keep up the good work.

  • At 10/12/2005 11:46:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Sweet dreams, Zomb! Installing a fireplace is next on my list for this place...

    Tshsmom I thought so too. Will try to keep being good (sigh)...

  • At 10/14/2005 10:25:00 PM, Blogger .: raven :. said…

    i'm jealous of the rain you're getting ...

    i hope that the subsequent doctor visits bring good news. i have the swelling ankles / calves sometimes .. it's so weird .. water retention ...

    i hate getting old ... it's for the birds ...

    wait .. i am a bird ...


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