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Friday, September 02, 2005

You Didn't Have To Be So Nice

You Didn't Have To Be So Nice
(John Sebastian and Steve Boone) courtesy of http://www.oldielyrics.com/lyrics/the_lovin_spoonful/you_didnt_have_to_be_so_nice.html

You didn't have to be so nice
I would have liked you anyway
If you had just looked once or twice
And gone upon your quiet way
Today I said the time was right for me to follow you
I knew I'd find you in a day or two
And it's true
You came upon a quiet day
You simply seemed to take your place
I knew that it would be that way
The minute that I saw your face
And when we've had a few more days (when we've had a few more days)
I wonder if I'll get to say (wonder if I'll get to say)
You didn't have to be so nice (be so nice)
I would have liked you anyway (would have liked)
Today I said the time was right for me to follow you (today said that the time was right to follow you)
I knew I'd find you in a day or two (I knew that I would find you in a day or two)
And it's true
You didn't have to be so nice (didn't have to be so nice)
I would have liked you anyway (would have liked you anyway)
If you had just looked once or twice (once or twice)
And gone upon your quiet way (quiet way)

Hi world, how goes it?

Today was busy but at home. Glad I took today off..one of those single things? Waiting for repair folks. Was going to sleep in but the hospital took care of that nicely (grin) at 9:00. Up until then The Most Spoiled Cat in the Universe was sleeping by my feet. Well, hospital wanted to schedule more (heart) tests. I agreed to a date and time on the proviso that I wasn't busy then (had to check work schedule). Once I'd woken up (remember this takes days with me lol), found that nope, was booked that whole day. Unfortunately had already sent in request for time off for the original day to boss. Had to re-do the request for time off once the hospital called me back. That took a few hours. Bet that confused the new boss all to heck because the test is now on Tuesday. Oh well.

The plumber was due at 2:00. Decided to get dressed around 12:30. Unfortunately, I answered the phone when it rang JUST as I was going to get into the shower. It was one of those computer generated calls. The computer said it was confirming an appointment for tomorrow. The cable people are coming (free trial of digital TV). It quit talking right in the middle of a sentence and then asked for a yes/no response. I figured it wanted me to confirm the appointment, so I said yes. Wrong answer. The machine apparently was asking if I needed to change the appointment. It asked me three times what I wanted to do with this appointment. I kept saying "I want to keep it", a response the computer didn't like. It threatened to turn me over to a human but first I"d have to prove myself by staying on hold. It lasted about 20 minutes, I kid you not.

Couldnt' hang up, I needed that appointment to be tomorrow. So I hung in there for 20 minutes! Registered a complaint with the poor human female that I wound up talking to. Of course I wasn't nasty or abusive, that is Mr. B's job and heaven knows, he needs work. Just registered the complaint and made sure that the appointment was still on. That done, finally got dressed.

Mr. Plumber came and went during my phone chat (is there a law that says everything has to happen all at once?) with my uncle the doctor. Uncle can't tell what's wrong with Mom until her med tests come in. I called her doctor to see if they were in. The doctor was out. This was about 3:00.

In between getting dressed and 2:00, figured out how the new vacuum works (it didn't suck when I had the attachments on before), and vacuumed the front entry so that the plumber wouldn't think that he was walking into a barn. THen sort of cleaned the basement so that (a) my underwear wasn't all over the place drying and (b) the bits and pieces of carpet (I took the carpet I replaced in the living room and put it down in the basement) around the drain were put into the trash, and while I was at it, put boxes in paper recycling that were down in the basement. So it didn't look like Buckingham Palace, but it didn't look like a dump either. Oh yah, Most Spoiled Cat In the Universe complained about her litter. Now I understand why, it reeked. Changed it too. Before the plumber got here.

That takes us up till about 5:30.Wanted to drop everything and go to the Psychic Fair, but figured I'd been so rushed my aura pics would come out funky, so decided to cool my jets here and go tomorrow after the cable guys leave (2:00-4:00). Sure they give you a 2 hour window, but they call before they come, and if you don't answer, the appointment's cancelled. So guess who is stuck at home in the morning? Oh well, needed the rest anyway.

This is why I get ticked at my Bro when he assumes that I have nothing to do when I'm at home.

Speaking of Bros, the younger Bro and S (his wife/nemesis) just came back from holidays. Did I ever mention that these guys are cheap? Money hungry to a disturbing extent...anyway, they're just back from (ta da da ta) New Orleans. Can you believe that???? S got a great deal on a room.


Taking their kids down into that nonsense, bothering those poor folks. They left when the evacuation order came (at least they had that much sense). Someone needs a good hard spanking and it isn't the kids.

Now I have to get allllll those thoughts out of my head and be peaceful for tomorow. Good luck, right?

Hope your day was great, world, and that you had something to laugh at also....hugs, Bridg


  • At 9/02/2005 10:52:00 PM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    That is THE cheapest thing I have EVER heard! And they took the KIDS? Ridiculous!!

  • At 9/03/2005 12:10:00 AM, Blogger Rhiannon said…

    Bridg, your day sounded just like one of my "typical" days as a single person (woman) and your comment about your brother thinking you have nothing to do all day I SOOOOO understand!..eeeerrrrghh! thats cruel! Some families, couples or married people don't understand(and sometimes its people from your own family who are the most clueless!) and make many "false assumptions" and judgement calls on some of us single people, mostly I realize because they have never lived on their own and had "all the responsbilities" with no support frame, to be completely self sufficient... they just don't realize #1 theres only one of us trying to do things that normally take 2-3 or even 4 people sometimes! and #2 we got "no back-up"!!...if we fall or in a emergency in the home and we fall or roof caves in and its just us well I'm sure you understand. I've had to rescue myself many times from emergencies, house flooding, no one around to help and taking care of so much responsibility! I just pick myself up off the floor and keep going! Its sometimes scary but we do it! Its very hard to keep up! So then we say"okay I'll just relax today take the day off" rarely happens!!If I take day off then I just get behind or what you went through today happens to me a lot too! Oh yeah! I understand Bridg! So Bridge I give you credit where credit is due you work hard you deserve to be respected and "acknowledged" and not snide comments made by people who haven't ever been in our shoes.."walk a mile in my moccashoes then you can judge me"..words from a Robert Mirabal song. I get it too Bridge all the time, the assumptions I got nothing to do at home alone eating "bon bons" or whatever when really its just the opposite!!..we work our butts off! We "singletons" are people who are under a lot of stress also,and deserve a BREAK from comments from the peanut gallery, like your brother. How niave of him and hurtful to you for saying things like that..let him "Be you" for a few days then he might understand! I have to tell you since being single in the last 7 years I have never worked so hard in my entire life physical work wise and mental. I've learned through these years to be just about completely self sufficient because I have too. Got to be "sharp" got to be "on the ball" got to "watch my back"!... don't see anybody behind there watching it!..you know what I mean..My ex has never lived alone his entire life,always got someone he's living with who is taking care of the house etc..cooking cleaning, doing laundry for him.etc...so I feel pretty good about myself when I think about him! I try to do it all,but I would prefer not too! Because frankly in all honesty and reality no one can do it all..thats just a facade, a movie star with tons of money to have people do everything for you!and Bridge you should be proud of yourself! We can't let what others "assume" or judge us matter to us or affect us anymore..we don't have to prove anything to anyone just be you! I had this woman friend and she had two teen daughters and she made them do everything for her,"daily" grocery shop,cook, clean the whole house,do her laundry,drive her places, even do the bookeeping like damn slaves! I said to her one day "why can't you do some of those things sometimes and give your girls a break"?..she said "because I can't do everything"! I said "tell me about it"!!!..lol..You go girl! Here's your badge of honor for you!.."I present this to MS.Bridget Jones on behalf of "all singletons" the pretigious award of "working your buns off"!!!Hugs and big pat on the back YOU GO GIRL!!!

    Blessings, Rhi..

  • At 9/03/2005 01:02:00 AM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Tshsmom, isn't that awful? Cheesy and stupid.....those kids will be in therapy for years...

    Rhi, thank you for the badge of honour! I accept it proudly on your behalf, and all of us who are doing double, triple, etc. duty (single and coupled)!! Thanks so much for understanding--I'm hoping it's caused more by thoughtlessness/ignorance than meaness...Bridg

  • At 9/03/2005 05:01:00 PM, Blogger cookie said…

    I agree with tshmom. That was pretty cheap of them. LOL. So they got a great deal on a room eh? I bet their room had a nice waterfront view..ahem..sorry.


  • At 9/03/2005 09:32:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    lol Andre, you have no idea the depths to which this couple, especially the wife, will sink. I thought when Little Bro married her that he'd pull her up out of the foulness that she'd sunken into, but it looks like things went the opposite way.

    Idiots. Cheap, sensationalist, superior-minded idiots.


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