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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Mr. Sandman

Hola world, sorry I've been sort of brief and in and out of here.

Am exhausted. This learning a new job is not for us senior citizens (well almost sc's). Have been coming home, falling asleep, waking up around 11:00, then take sleep meds (??) and go to sleep. Hard to wake up in the a.m.

So tonight am flying solo. No sleeping meds. It's almost midnight.

The job involves all of my past experiences (that's three careers, all fairly successful) at the same time. Plus care and sort of feeding staff, which I used to suck at. So far so good. These kids are great and I really like them a lot. They are doing great stuff. It feels like parenting, not that I've ever done parenting, but what I think it would feel like.

It looks like there is a lot of small p politics going on because the group I"m in is being re-engineered from the inside and outside at almost the same time. Don't really care where I wind up, because the work's all good. Am staying the - - - - out of the politics, so am getting really good at that wide-eyed innocent sort of look (laughing! It's true!!). Used to love making smart-ass comments to get people to laugh. Don't think that way right now. Geez did M 'gentle' me down? Think so...

Working with M taught me a lot of skills needed here. I'm so very grateful for that. A psychic told me that this would happen, i.e. that M and I wouldn't be a romantic couple, but that he was going to be my teacher and that I'd need all I'm going to learn from him. Well, shoot if that isn't the way it is now!! This new job/place is like a candy shop in terms of work to be done. Am very glad to be here, and the results of what I/we do are immediately seen (i.e. it's real world work)--it 'matters'.

Hope M finds something really really good and soon. Hope S, Issy, Pauly (MWAH!) and Marc are happy and safe.

Hope YOU, world, are safe, dry and warm.

hugs to all, Bridg (going off to sleep again)


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