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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Love Resurection

Love Resurrection Alison Moyet courtesy of http://www.80smusiclyrics.com/artists/alisonmoyet.htm

What can I do
to make light of this dull dullday
What switch can I pull
to illuminate the way
Show me one direction
I will not question again
For a warm injection
Is all I need to calm the pain
We all need a love resurrection
Just a little divine intervention
We all need a love resurrection
Just a little divine intervention
What seed must I sow to replenish
this barren land
Teach me to harvest
I want you to grow in myhand
Lets be optimistic,
lets say that we won't toil in vain
If we pull together
we'll never fall apart again
We all need a love resurrection
Just a little divine intervention
We all need a love resurrection
Just a little divine intervention
Show me one direction
I will not question again
For a warm injection
Is all I need to calm the pain
We all need a love resurrection.......

How was Saturday, world?


It was a gorgeous fall day here. Clear as a bell, no clouds at all, cool, just a little breeze.
Finally got dressed at noon ish, drove over to where my mother was getting her hair done. Actually she was waiting to go in. Asked me to pick up the prescribed meds for her cat at my vet's place.

That's when the fun started.

Mom had never called them, they said. She sure hadn't paid them by Visa, as she told me she had, because they had no invoice showing any payment, or any activity at all since June. So I call 411, they give me a disconnected number for her hair place. Tried 411 again and this time got someone who wasn't out of it. They connected me to the place, and Mom. Her info? She talked to a man (hint: there are about 30+ vets at this place and I"m sure there is more than one MAN!). She just said that's awful. Sooo the staff, mainly the lady who gave me Smokes (The Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe) as a kitten, set up an appointment to get the cat (Mom's cat) tested. THEN they could prescribe meds temporarily until the test results came in. Why didn't Mom know all this and why did she tell me the meds were ready? Why didn't the staff have a record of her call? I called her other vet, nope, same story there. No contact, no meds waiting.

So who was she talking to? The man in the moon? Who has her Visa number now? Did she imagine the whole thing? Ye gods.

Went and got Mom. On the way to get her was pretty unhappy. We usually go out to dinner on Sundays. Last week I avoided that in case Mom pulled something like this on me. Didn't need to start a new job all stressed out. So decided that, after spending most of this Saturday running around trying to fix whatever the hell had been done with the damn cat we are going to skip Sunday dinner again. This isn't a punishment, I can only take so much stress and she has a way of really piling it on. I'm wondering if this isn't why my siblings have suddenly become invisible again.

I'm thinking about all this, pulled out to pass (on the highway) and was inches from hitting a yellow sports car that was in my blind spot. Scared the hell out of both of us. Avoided an accident, just barely. I mean by inches. Decided to drive very slowly, calmly. Got Mom, got the damn cat, all of us went to the vet's again, cat serenading us all the way.

They took the blood sample, almost forgot to give us the meds (Mifawnwy came running out to the car with the pills), and away we went.

I picked up some Harvey's and went home. Mom had asked about dinnner earlier but frankly I was so ticked at spending all day on this nonsense that should have taken minutes, not hours, to complete. I just didn't want to hear about it and went home. And fell asleep for hours.

Maybe the hospital screwed things up (I don't think so, have gone to them for over 30 years without any incident of this sort happening). Have had MANY incidents of Mom getting things wrong lately. OK so when I"m 77 I won't be a brain surgeon either, but this was something I just didn't need right now. Or if it was pending surely someone could have given me a heads up?

Oh sorry for ranting guys. I need to be patient with her and I am, but sometimes she says and does either something cruel or sends me on an ass's mission (the latter being today's exercise). Don't want to go to work frustrated. I'm protecting myself as much as I can from being exposed to frustration, anger, misunderstandings. Mom just isn't all there some times. She's been an Ivy League grad in math ed and an actuary. But sooner or later the lights start to dim for all of us. I think she's entering that stage. It scares me, it frustrates me, and there's so little that I can do about it.

Praying for her, M, and alll of you, Bridg

Next time I''ll call ahead and save myself some grief.


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