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Thursday, September 08, 2005

I Knew I Loved You

Yea Savage Garden!

It took almost 2 hours to drive into work today (20 minute trip on a weekend). A tractor-trailer had crashed the median of this city's main highway and hit a vehicle going the other way at 2:00 a.m. At 8:00 a.m. the highway was still closed. The truck was carrying spools of some metal (those big giant thingies) and they tore up the pavement (one lane). The driver didn't survive the accident.

And neither did the a.m. commute. Accidents everywhere. Just cranked up Savage Garden and decided that nothing was going to happen on time today. And was right. Was half an hour late, which isn't bad considering. We had an all-morning meeting that was scheduled at a time when I would be available (I was planning on being in another job at the end of the month. Still am). So had to show up. Tried not to talk as much as I usually do, and for the most part succeeded. To quote NB (new boss) "you're the corporate memory". This is silly, there is someone else in the group who's been here since 1976 (15 years longer than I), but he's not the type to readily come up with facts. It takes a great deal of reflection on his part to come up with an answer, and when he does it is pages long. If any of you have taken the Myers Briggs personality inventory test, or are familiar with it, this guy's a typical ISTJ. If you want to check it out, try this site: http://www.similarminds.com/. It's pretty cool.

Annnnyway, world, did I mention that Mr. B is getting a new boss on Monday? A really really good guy? He's very high up. Anyway, he is coming FROM the place that I might be going TO. That was bad enough (to leave just when the cavalry is coming), but on top of that, the guy who is replacing Mr. Good Guy is someone who treated me like dirt a very long time ago (24 years ago). I would be one person away from working with this guy. Basically, he dumped a very very important job on me, while I had 5 other ones due at the same time. So I finished off the five, stayed up literally all night long, and carried off the project he dumped on me. By then he got scared/had second thoughts about not doing the job so he came with me. No biggie as far as I was concerned. But not exactly the best way to behave, if you ask me. I'd only been on the job 5 weeks at the time, didn't even have time to get biz cards printed, and had just joined this org after burning out at my previous job (95 hour weeks for 4 years will do that to you).

So the whole thing might be off, if that man feels about me the same way that I feel about him. At this point, I do not care if I get the job or not. I would love to escape Mr. B, but don't want to wind up working for another Mr. B, and also be there temporarily. I'd be better off where I am now, even with Mr. B.

Sooo the paperwork has to be signed off by both Mr. B and Mr. Good Guy's replacement. I will find out at that point if there will be a problem or not. If he signs off, fine. If not, fine too.

*Bridg is banging head into desk, ouch ouch ouch*

The good part about today is (a) I got to spend a fair bit of time talking to S, who is a real sweetie; (b) didn't have to do any work, just talk at this meeting; (c) had pizza for lunch AND dinner and (d) I got to play with two adorable doggies who live across the street when I got home. And no, the Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe didn't object, in fact I think she liked the scent.

Mr. B was not at work again. He did something with a log and that hurt his back. There was another time that a tree fell on him months ago. I am now developing an image of the trees ganging up on the guy every time he comes near them. Wonder if he abuses timber also? Hmmmmmmm

OK OK bad karma, I take that back. But it does make one wonder....

Talked with M for a long time. He and I talked this thing over for a very long time, and both of us were changing our minds as we 'thought out loud'. Came up with the conclusion that I may be worrying for nothing, and not to cancel but wait and see.

I hate waiting.

Oh well, Someone Up There is trying to either teach me patience or is having a very good laugh at my expense. Either way, I am so not in control so will just let things develop on their own like they will anyway.

When I think back to what the psychics said...the first one said that a job would come up that would seem effortless--just to fall out of the sky/be easy to get. She said don't take that one, something better is coming. The second guy said he saw me changing jobs once, then again very soon thereafter.

Does anyone have a fairly accurate 8 ball?


Hope you're safe and well tonight, world!



  • At 9/08/2005 11:30:00 PM, Blogger The Zombieslayer said…

    Does anyone have a fairly accurate 8 ball?

    Definitely not me.

  • At 9/09/2005 02:15:00 PM, Blogger Mel said…

    Magic 8 ball? Do those things actually work?

    Your job sounds terrible. My advice is to get out. asap. If your new job sucks, at least you get a month or two of "break time" (learning the office, your job) that isn't as stressful. Well, that is how I look at it...

    BTW, I'm ESFJ. How bout you?

    Happy Friday! Have a good weekend!

  • At 9/09/2005 04:20:00 PM, Blogger snavy said…

    I just told my friend Bill I was gonna buy a Magic 8 Ball and let it rule my life the other day - lol!!

    I love that Savage Garden song - it was playing as I gave birth to my twins!!

  • At 9/09/2005 07:16:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Hey ZS, anytime you need an 8 ball reading let me know. I used to keep one on my desk (as a joke) at this current (killing me slowly) job!

    Mel, not sure that they do work, it's the gag value I appreciate (quel surprise, huh?). It is a highly stressful job anyway, this little )*0y%!^! just makes it painful on top of that. Hey read today's post--I GOT THE NEW JOB!! Paperwork has not come thru yet, that'll be on Monday but Mr. B agreed to it in front of a witness today. YAY!

    And I'm the same as you--ESFJ! Cool huh?? Have a lovely, wonderful, sunny and relaxing weekend!!

    Snavylyn, very cool re the 8 ball. Not sure I trust them THAT far! Twins?? WOW how old? At one time I was expecting twins but miscarried..surprised that one would remember that kind of detail...are you good with them generally?

    Bridg (now residing on her ceiling)


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