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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Gettin' Together, Better Than Ever

Guess I"m stuck in the 60s for now. How's it going world?

It's kinda late for Sunday. Having a wee bit of probs getting sleepy. Spent today doing that stuff that seems to take all the effort to do (laundry, linen changing, dusting, cooking, plant watering). Made lentil soup (more like a stew). Had running around for little things to do and I hate that. 1-2 items per store, lines 15 folks long...argh. Did NOT go to dinner with Mom tonight. She probably would have gotten me all rattled and that's the last thing I need. But on the plus side, the firemen were cleaning cars today. YUM.

Not that I got mine done by them, I'm too much of a chicken. But the TRAFFIC around those guys, wow. Part of what the gang from Old Job gave me was a gift certificate to Chapters. Spent $36 more than it was for, which was OK. Got 2 CDs by Eric Idle and Michael Palin (Monty Python), an audobon calendar for 06, the Davinci Code (since so many people had mentioned it to me) and a book with a title that takes all of the cover. I think it's "all the dirty, disgusting, lewd, odd, perverted, abnormal, and stupid things people do".

I like that.

How can you lose with a title like that one?

Actually, come to think of it, you should get a look at my bathroom reading stuff. Besides the usual exercise and 'house fixing up' magazines, there are books like "1400 things that piss me off" and "5000 more things that piss me off", "They did WHAT!?", 'Things that make me smile" and a bunch of puzzles and games. You'd think it was a library/study.

Have not even thought out clearly how I'm driving to work tomorrow but will take lots of time to get there, God willing (that I wake up on time). Last night and the one before, I only took 1 instead of 3 sleeping pills to get to sleep. That's a huge improvement. And the twitch under one of my eyes has stopped completely. Lovely.

Now all I have to do is work properly. This should be fun.

Have a great night, all!



  • At 9/19/2005 02:24:00 AM, Blogger Rhiannon said…

    First days at new work places are always kind of scary, even if its a new place your looking forward to working..:O)..once that day goes by tomorrow it will get even better..

    Oh boy do you sound like me running around doing errands around town(2-3 things each store yep!)laundry,cleaning,cooking,mowing lawn,watering, yada yada. Have you tried the Ionic Breeze by Quadra? I have large one for room, I keep it in living room during day put in bedroom at night(boy do I sleep better with it on!) and also have a small little Ionic Breeze deal for my bathroom to take away the kitty "smell"..man it works great! When I clean them both theres a lot of stuff on it so it works good and worth the investment!..it hardly uses much electricy like those large "noisey" air cleaners and all you have to do is clean it about every 2 and 1/2 weeks if you have animals in the house less if you don't..boy do I sound like an advertisement or what?..lol..

    Have a good Monday,be careful driving to your new workplace take it slow and take deep breaths and smile knowing "MR B" ain't there! YEAH!

    Angel Blessings Bridge, will think good thoughts for you tomorrow..all the best,

  • At 9/19/2005 09:34:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Thanks Rhi! No hadn't trie dthe Ionic thing but will give it a try. There are so many air fresheners here it isn't funny but they are indeed adding perfume.

    Today (1st day) went well. Long but good. And best of all, no Mr. B!!

    Blessings, Bridg


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