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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Forever Young

That's a song of Rod Stewart's that my late great (I do mean GREAT) cat Pokey used to love. I"d sing it to her and she'd wave her tail and purr, looking up at me. MAN that cat was a sweetheart! Smokes is too but Pokey really had a huge piece of my heart. I miss her so much.

Hola all you folks out there!!! Spent most of after work hours tonight with my boss' exec assistant. We've had such similar lives, and eerily similar events in them....we went out to dinner and it turned into hours and hours of yaking. Just got home at 11:30. It is great to connect with someone, isn't it? New friends? Geez and it was only MOnday that I was missing Pauly and S and Marc and Issy (well I still do, REALLY A LOT) but making new pals kind of makes up for not seeing my old buddies every day.

No we weren't drinking. Just talking.

I noticed to day that I"m now the 'go to' girl. I am to make things better, and I believe that I can. However, the leadership in the area where I'm now working (the latest thing to fix) overlaps with two other person's areas. And all of us found out at the same meeting today, at which the lead person didn't show up until the wrap-up. hmmmm. Also had a person leave one of the two groups involved specifically to work with me. WOW!!!

I know how things like this work. I will be the go to girl until either (a) I screw up something or (b) enough time passes that I"m no longer golden but one of the gang. I"m not saying this out of meaness, have just seen it before. Where one person is expected to save a whole bunch of things, usually all at once. That phase doesn't last long. I"m in the good part now but know that it ain't forever, and that's cool, it is just how things work in some places. And since ALL of us have expertise, and none of us are particularly territorial, it's OK. I'll do whatever I'm asked to do, no prob. And if others have done work in the area (as I found out today), and want to help, very cool. Lou took me out to explain all this and was relieved that I'd figured it out. It was kind of interesting....I was in a meeting with New (big) Boss, also there were two other folks my level, and each of them thought that the work I was doing was their thing. I just shut up and took notes from everyone.

Think it went OK but could feel tension building. Not on my part, and I did 0 to contribute to it too. Can you believe, it world, I am learning to shut up and listen.

Who'd a thunk it?

Anyway have to be short tonight, am very tired. Will visit your blogs tomorrow....hugs, Bridg


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