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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sea Of Love

Hey World how goes it?
Last night was a tough one. Definitely up until 4 or later, despite taking four sleeping pills, two arthritis strength Tylenols and a Chlortripolon. Could not wake up this a.m. so called in sick to work. Did make it to my shrink appointment. There I learned that Chlortripolon has an interaction with Plavix (an anticoagulant that I'm on) that causes (TA DA!!) insomnia! Hopefully that explains what's been going on.

Have a stress test (tee hee hee) tomorrow. The one where you're injected with radioactive dye and then they try to kill you using a treadmill? And then they take pics of your heart? Yah that one. So I'm taking tomorrow off also. You can't eat 4 hours prior to the test, no caffeine for 12 hours prior, and I think the test takes a while (they try to schedule one person's stress test after the other--like an assembly line). It might take as long as 4 hours to get through.

I thought the real life stress test was yesterday, lol.

Don't get me wrong, Bro was wrong as wrong can be then, but I'm not about to raise it explicitly. Not passive agressively either, I'm just gonna stay the hell away from him as much as humanly possible (actually none of us call his house now. Usually he/wife are quite p*ssed off when anyone calls, regardless of hour. It's less ummm stressful for THEM to call US). Don't want to cause Mom any more probs than she already has.

Yesterday at work was so boring that I typed "my boss is an idiot" on Google, and it came back with some really good sites. One of them I posted yesterday (the url). Another one had even more meaning, at least for me. It's heading was something like "Got A Problem With A CoWorker/Boss?". I read it and it ...well let's say it was pretty religious. Advised looking at the person in the way that God/Jesus would and that all transgressions, including theirs, had already been paid for, so to 'leave it at the cross'. OK OK I felt a bit ashamed and a lot better after reading it. So will try not to rant about anyone. Last night I was ready to explode. Holidays and 'celebrations' were like yesterday's event was when we were growing up only with yelling involved. The gathering of family presented a collection of folks for my dad to take his temper out on, and I felt that Bro was recreating that nonsense yesterday. Even if he is, I am not going to play the game or let him interfere with me. Or inflict it on you readers.

Probably easier said than done but that's the intention anyway.

Guess what? There is ANOTHER flying bug in the house. Much bigger than the moth. It looked like a huge dragonfly. It was in the same room as this computer, and it flew right at my head. I ducked, screamed and ran. It disappeared. Have no idea where the damn thing went, and if it wants to eat my clothes, it can! With relish!! Wonder why my house has become so attractive to insects? It's not as if it's filthy or anything. Have only been in or out during the day. Oh well, that's life in the suburbs I guess. Still...knowing it's in here is kind of like waiting for the other shoe to fall.

Maybe I can convince the Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe to take an epicurean interest in insects.

HA!! Wishful thinking, that!

Have a great bug-free night, world. If any of you WANT bugs, just drop by my place. They're probably all in my kitchen having a drink.


p.s. Anyone care to comment on the price of gas? I just paid $45 to fill the tank of a Honda Civic! Have seen on the news that in New York (City) the price was $3.54 a gallon a few days ago. Yikes.


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