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Friday, August 19, 2005

I'm Your Captain

I'm Your Captain (Grand Funk Railroad)
Courtesy of http://www.twin-music.com/azlyrics/g_file/songs/grand_i.html

Everybody, listen to me
And return me, my ship
I'm your captain, I'm your captain
Though I'm feeling mighty sick
I've been lost now, days uncounted
And it's months since I've seen home
Can you hear me, can you hear me
Or am I all alone?
If you return me, to my home port
I will kiss you, mother earth
Take me back now, take me back now
To the port of my birth
Am I in my cabin dreaming, or are you really scheming
To take my ship away from me?
You'd better think about it, I just can't live without it
So, please don't take my ship from me
Yeah, yeah, yeah...
I can feel the hand, of a stranger
And it's tightening around my throat
Heaven help me, Heaven help me
Take this stranger from my boat
I'm your captain, I'm your captain
Though I'm feeling mighty sick
Everybody, listen to me
And return me, my ship
I'm your captain,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm your captain, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm your captain, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm your captain, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm getting closer to my home...
I'm getting closer to my home...
I'm getting closer to my home...
I'm getting closer to my home...Oh...
I'm getting closer to my home...
I'm getting closer to my home...
I'm getting closer to my home...
I'm getting closer to my home...

Remember that one? That's my old school (well, that and "Tommy").
How are you world??? How goes it tonight?

Sorry I've been MIA. That wild singles life, fell asleep again.
Yesterday was one neat day. Had to go back to the hospital a SECOND time for the radioactive whatever and picture-taking. The picture-taking requires lying perfectly still for 17 minutes while a huge camera moves around your chest/back taking photos of your heart. And if you move or speak, they have to start all over again.

Why did I have to go back? They changed the way that this test is done. Now the 'resting', or non-stressed, pictures of the heart are taken on a separate day. What the hell, it's good for another day off from 'work'. Met the neatest people there (at the hospital). The one who hugged me yesterday (did I mention she's in menopause too? Yah and she started before I did AND is 3 years older than I am) nagged them to 'do' me right away the minute she saw me, and then gave me a big grin. What a sweetie! There was a gang of folks in the waiting room, 2-3 of them were together, another woman on her own and a girl with her father. The older man in the group of 2-3 was the one with the heart condition.

I mentioned that the hospital we were sitting in gives classes on how to buy/cook/eat heart-healthy ways. He said that he didn't like whole wheat bread because of the seeds in it. We all looked puzzled, then his daughter asked where on earth he bought whole wheat bread with seeds in it. He gave the name of a real real awful junk store (honest, you wouldn't buy SOAP there!). We all broke up laughing, especially when he said that it cost $1.39 (whole wheat starts around $2.00 here). I said that they were mouse parts, the other woman on her own (a quiet looking person) said that they were mouse turds. We killed ourselves laughing. You should have seen the look on his face---it was priceless! Everyone there was so kind, and funny. Both days were as pleasant as that kind of stuff can be. And both times I left the place at 4:00--which is about when I leave work anyway. So no guilts over the early departure.

So was only in the office 2 days this week. And Mr. B isn't in next week either YAY. Didn't do much today, took a whole bunch of personality tests on the web. It isn't as if I have work, and I"ve done most of the stuff Pauly gave me (I work pretty fast, will finish the rest in less than an hour. Am trying to stretch it out).

Did call a handyman to come in and fix the basement light that won't work and do caulking around two windows in the upstairs. They're the only ones I didn't replace, and both have leaks in both corners (just noticed that a little while ago. The curtains hid the marks.). Also, the electric light sockets near the windows also have leak streaks (probably dangerous, right?). So tomorrow it'll get fixed and Good Heavens Above, will finally be able to SEE the laundry and fridge. What'll she think of next lol?

Mom seems to be doing just fine. Even though she claims to be depressed by it, the cooler weather is agreeing with her. And she is EATING!!! Turns out that she was in pain from the ulcers and that contributed a great deal to her not eating. Now she cleans up everything on her plate. Not just once, but every time for the last 3-4 times I"ve seen her! YAY!

Now word from grumpy Bro but that's normal.
Sis looking to change jobs. About time. The place she's in specializes in burning out folks and tossing them aside. In 1990, I was one of them. I'm talking 95 hour workweeks, and then they get mad when you cut back on the stupid overtime. Seriously.

Has anyone seen Red Eye? Looks good, thinking of seeing it tomorrow night. To celebrate increased insulation. According to government info/propaganda, windows are responsible for 30% of heat losses...

And with gas prices continuing to go nuts...aw it's the weekend. Don't wanna talk about that stuff. Here's some fun stuff from Peter:

Never read the fine print. There ain't no way you're going to like it.
If you let a smile be your umbrella, then most likely your butt will get soaking wet.
The only two things we do with greater frequency in middle age are urinate and attend funerals.
The trouble with bucket seats is that not everybody has the same size bucket (OK Peter, THAT one I am taking
personally lol!).
To err is human, to forgive - highly unlikely.
Do you realize that in about 40 years, we'll have thousands of old ladies running around with tattoos? and belly button rings.
Money can't buy happiness -- but somehow it's more comfortable to cry in a Porsche than in a Hyundai.
Drinking makes some husbands see double and feel single.
Living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween.
After a certain age, if you don't wake up aching in every joint, you are probably dead

Have a great Friday night, world!!
until S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night!!

luv, Bridg


  • At 8/20/2005 01:09:00 AM, Blogger Avery's mom said…

    smile be your umbrella....butt will get wet?
    not heard that one before. guess in my situation, my stomach would get wet too... :)

  • At 8/20/2005 03:07:00 AM, Blogger Rhiannon said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 8/20/2005 08:49:00 AM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    Caulking is one of my newly discovered talents. L is horrible at it, too messy!
    Caulk takes a real beating in our northern climate and needs to be checked every year. Hot summers and cold winters wreak havoc on caulk.
    The last window leak we had was from a 1/8 in crack. I couldn't believe the amount of water that came in that tiny crack!

  • At 8/20/2005 06:18:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Robyn, now that I've seen your pic yeppir more than your smile would get wet lol!

    Rhi, Yes Mean Mistreater is cool, but I prefer I'm Your Captain. Can't believe you actually MET JM. Also can't believe he left us at such a young age. TY for comments about Mom--she keeps me hopping.

    Tshsmom, found out today that I don't need caulking, the streaks were caused by a roof leak. Guess the condo cops were right to insist on the roof work. I did try caulking around an exterior light fixture. Did such a bad job of caulking and painting that I'm gonna post a pic of it soon. (U-G-L-L-L-Y!!!)



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