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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Get Together

Get Together (Youngbloods)
courtesy of http://www.solcomhouse.com/gettogethe.htm

Love is but a song to sing
Fear's the way we die
You can make the mountains ring
Or make the angels cry
Though the bird is on the wing
And you may not know why
Come on people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another
Right now
Some may come and some may go
We shall surely pass
When the One that left us here
Returns for us at last
We are but a moment's sunlight
Fading in the grass
Come on people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another
Right now
Come on people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another
Right now
Come on people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another
Right now
If you hear the song I sing
You will understand (listen!)
You hold the key to love and fear
All in your trembling hand
Just one key unlocks them both
It's there at you command
Come on people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another
Right now
Come on people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another
Right now
Come on people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another
Right now
Right now ... Right now.....

I get goosebumps just reading those words. Love that song.

How are you tonight, world? Ca marche?

Had the first night in several months of continuous 8 hours of sleep. No nightmares, just dreams--and in them, succeeded at whatever I was trying to do. That is a lifetime first. Probably due to not taking conflicting medications for the first time.

All I did today was get poked and injected with things. Thought that treadmill torture was on the menu for today. Thanks to some disorder of a knee (mine), was injected with thallium (yep it IS a poison) instead. OH MAN thought it was game over. Then came radioactive something or other, then the antidote. Could feel the thallium right down to the soles of my feet. Oh yes, after the poking and injecting, you lie perfectly still for 17 minutes while some huge camera takes pics of your heart with your hands over your head. Fortunately, lying down.

If I was reading this on someone else's blog, I think they were whining; but I kid you not--if I say that my head hurts, then it's about ready to fall off. MAN that was some kind of feeling. I asked if I could take a bag of that stuff to work. The techie thought that that was a hoot and asked who it was for (Mr. B). She asked how I'd give it to him, and I said "If there's a God, up his butt". Think she doubled over then since at the time I was REALLY in pain (i.e. what kind of brain thinks of stuff like that when they're suffering?!). Anyhow, they declined to provide a take home kit, and I have to go back there tomorrow afternoon. Today it took from noon until 4. Tomorrow it allegedly starts at 1:30 but since there's a 4 hour fast, I'm just taking the day off. Keeps me from forgetting and eating. And it's not like I have any work to do anyway.

On the other hand, it's a shame to miss a day without Mr. B.

The nicest parts of the day--the techie gave me a big big hug when I left, and then said " I just sexually harassed you, you know that?" (she was female). Cracked me up. Also got to chat with the cafeteria lady. She'd been working in the same job for 38 years. Didn't look over 45. What a sweetheart. Even said 'goodnight' when she left.

MAN there are such sweet, lovely folks out there!

And today was one of those clear, breezy, springy-cool days. Just wonderful. Perfect. Not necessarily for getting punctured but if you have to get punctured, why not on a great weather day by very nice folks? I'm cool with that.

BTW, completely unrelated, could someone explain to me what 'kick it at old school' or 'kickin old school' means? OK I"m an idiot, but I really don't get it. That phrase is in a commercial for Diet Pepsi, and today was in a comic strip.

Talked to M today. He is probably retiring, maybe any day now. I'm heart broken. He is so good, kind, funny, cute, smart...so great with people. It's a huge loss, not only to me but to the entire field. There's a generation just getting to know him in this profession. And I'll probably never see him again. It doesn't hurt like it did when I knew he was leaving our office, it's more intellectual than that. But it is hard to accept. Might be the best thing for him as a professional, but.....well, guess it's time to just accept the things I can't change. But for the life of me I can't see the purpose of this at all. I mean in the bigger scheme of things.

Wish I could see down the road. And understand even just a little more than now.

But first I have a ton of weight to lose. For me. Am on it folks, am being very good.

Hope your weather was as good as it was here, world. Hope that your day was equally good.



  • At 8/17/2005 07:14:00 PM, Blogger Thomcat said…

    kickin it old school style ... uh i guess it means, acting like you did in the old days ... i dunno

  • At 8/17/2005 07:34:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    YAY!! someone else--thom who is much younger than I am---doesn't know either.

    Good, I'm in good company!!! Thanks Thom!!


  • At 8/17/2005 08:59:00 PM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    You know, I was ready to have that colonoscopy next week, but after the experience you had today... I think we'd better hold off on it for a FEW more months.

  • At 8/17/2005 09:10:00 PM, Blogger Shamus said…

    good post... thanks.

  • At 8/17/2005 10:09:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    gee tshsmom...I had forgotten that today (no caffeine=no brains for bridg). I"m gonna do it next week too if possible, just to get it over with while I'm still in the hospital mode. At least they don't stick you with needles for that one...

    David, Not sure about grooming 7 year olds, but if it bothers the two of you why not just bleach it? You can use the bleach they have out for female moustaches. I did that as a teen. Will check out your blog.

    Shamus, love the name! Thanks for dropping by, for the compliment, and welcome to the zoo!


  • At 8/17/2005 10:25:00 PM, Blogger Avery's mom said…

    kicking it= doing something easily

    Old school= classic

  • At 8/17/2005 10:46:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Thanks Robyn, NOW I get it!!! TY!!!

  • At 8/18/2005 09:10:00 AM, Blogger Mel said…

    Bridg, sorry I've been MIA for a while. We've had a lot of stuff going on in the family recently. Now, it's time for me to worry about MY mom.

    No news to tell about it yet, but as soon as I get some, I'll let you know.

    Sorry to hear about all those tests you had. Why did they do the dye injection? I think I missed that part...send me an email about it so we can catch up.

    Feel better soon. Sending 'feel good' vibes your way!

  • At 8/18/2005 09:12:00 AM, Blogger Mel said…

    PS, Robyn is right on with the "kickin it old school".

    Also, can use it for when you are saying you are wearing retro clothes, etc.

  • At 8/18/2005 01:02:00 PM, Blogger Thomcat said…

    so , what if i wanted to be kickin it new school ?

  • At 8/18/2005 01:02:00 PM, Blogger Storm said…

    I absolutely love that song.

    Hope your tests turn out to be benign.

    It's so hot and humid here. I wish it was lovely here...but that will come in another couple of months.

  • At 8/18/2005 01:53:00 PM, Blogger braindead said…

    chanced upon ur blog today... it's great. u always seem to have sth goin on. but i only read a few posts.. will get back to readin more. thanks.

  • At 8/18/2005 03:14:00 PM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    Just what you need, Bridg; California internet access. Do these spammers even read a profile?

  • At 8/19/2005 12:16:00 AM, Blogger The Zombieslayer said…

    I sympathize with the knee ailments. Had two torn knees awhile back. They're fine now, but being injured wasn't fun.

  • At 8/19/2005 12:54:00 PM, Blogger Mel said…

    Um, you out there, Bridg?

  • At 8/19/2005 09:19:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Hi everyone! Sorry I was MIA yesterday (guess what? Fell asleep) but back with a vengence! Feel MUCH more lively! It's fall-ish here (a rainy but great-feeling 17 degrees YAY!!!!).

    Tshsmom I will definitely e mail you tonight. VERY sorry that your Mom is having problems. The dye they put into me is so that they can see where the blood goes (and where it doesn't go) and therefore know where the blockages are. If there is no dye where there should be dye...problems.

    Thom you are YOUNG--what say, gang? Is he allowed to kick at old school?? Does he HAVE an old school yet? Thinkin' maybe...

    Thank you Storm, I love that song too...man isn't it heading into hurricane season where you are? THere were tornadoes in the nearest big town (Toronto area) today and serious flooding.

    Thanks for the visit, braindead, and please come back (also thanks for not being a spammer!!).

    ZS you have my hearty sympathies. This knee stuff is for the birds. I bet you played sports, right? Don't even know how this started. Probably twisting to get out of my car in the one car garage (yep two door car bucket seats...have to do the twist to get in & out....).

    Love to alllll, Bridg

  • At 8/21/2005 09:48:00 AM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    BTW, I still have the 45 of this song.

  • At 8/21/2005 03:17:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    tshsmom, I'm gonna look to see if I have it on CD. NEver did buy the record and have no idea why, I love that song so much. It's a hoot that you still have your 45s. I do too. They're in the basement somewhere...the first one I think I ever got was by the 5th Dimension (beautiful balloon)...


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