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Sunday, July 24, 2005

They're Coming To Take Me Away

Ha ha hee hee ho ho

Remember that one?

Hi world, how goes it?

Mom drove me nuts in the usual ways, after all it is Sunday. Tried to watch The Village after reading Raven's blog but the disc was damaged and froze every 3 seconds. No kidding, it was very trying. Gave up after 30 minutes. Will try to get another disc. Finished watching Suspect Zero, then Mom gets busy on the phone so I leave. She calls me at my house to find out how to switch her tv back to tv instead of disc. It took me 20 minutes to get the disc to work at all, because she'd (or someone'd) put the control for the dvd player next to the dvd player, where it would do no good at all. I had been trying to get the #$ thing to work using the TV remote, VHS remote and a third remote for DSQ (dieu sais quoi). She claimed complete ignorance of the whole set up and said she'd never used it. I said to push the button that says 'tv' or call my sister, who set this abortion up in the first place.

This is a switch, usually I would have run right over. Not.this.time. Need apart time or else! Even had dreams of moving out of my (teenage) home AGAIN. Need to get out of the parental mindset.

I.am.going.nuts. And this time it ain't work involved, it's my own mom. ARRRGGGHHH!!! I love her, but ARGH! Know what I mean? I bet some of you do...ooops she just called AGAIN. LIttle sis is dumping her 3 cats, rabbit and kid onto mom while their place is being painted. Nuts, the whole thing is nuts. OK that's out of my system.

Hope you had interesting/fun times today? I just napped as usual. Too lazy to go outside and didn't get dressed till 1:00 or so. Nice day but again HOT.

OK enough of this hot stuff, Mr. Weather. This is Canada. GWN, ya know? Not Montreal, not Toronto...they do hot. This town does snow, ice and cold stuff.

Hey speaking of that, The Replacements was on this a.m.!!!

I.Love.That.Movie. Also like Keanu Reeves. Decided S is a lot cuter than Keanu, has better eyes, smile and cheekbones. And build. But KR is OK. Not that I run around checking out such things but when they're right there, well...Heh heh heh S, hope you are grinning and not blushing.

Pauly I bet you're giggling your head off. I am too. Wish I could tell that joke here but won't. Dammit. It was Hugely funny (deliberate capital H).

The only warning I'd ever give you, world, is never tick Pauly (or me) off. We are dangerous folks, Pauly more than me and I love him for it!!!

S wants to do stuff during the 3 weeks I have off. Totally agree. We gotta arrange something. Captain Kidd didn't get along without his crew, neither did Jack Sparrow. AhhHar me mateys...thar's mischief to be put afoot!!! And this includes you, Marcus!!

Sleeping pills are beginning to hit so I'm turning in for the night. Look out for those butterfly nets folks....Bridg


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