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Monday, July 11, 2005

Sanctify Yourself

Hi world and no, the interview wasn't today after all. It's Wednesday.

Argh. I am dying by inches but it'll be OK. Wanted to study tonight but instead fell asleep. Tomorrow have a bunch to do including a meeting of the gang with Mr. B. And more cramming if I can get anything into my brain. It's very hard to study under stressful conditions (like at work).

Mr. B was acting more like himself today. We were supposed to meet with some folks on a project that was cancelled (as far as we were concerned, the folks decided to do it themselves. This will get them into LOADS of trouble, but...their choice. These guys were very upset about M not being there). I updated him on it, and asked if I had to be there. He acted as if I wasn't supposed to be there in the first place (although he asked me originally to be there). Ahhh. Back to normal. At least I didn't get yelled at.

Did a bit of studying in the a.m. before finding out that the interview/coffee is Wednesday. Am very very nervous now. Then since I have a 'this week' deadline for Mr. B, did his stuff all day.

First off, had to go get another ATM card. That was flippin' inconvenient. Third time in two months, and I am using only 3 ATM places, all of which I've used for years with no problems. Driving me a little nuts.

Temp was 1o5 today, Farenheight. VERY darn hot. At 9:30 this morning it felt like most afternoons do. Very glad I didn't have to go out later in the day for an interview. Mom stayed in today, which was darn smart of her.

Also heard from a very big shot who I"d called re a job. He gave me some very good leads, bless his soul. M, Pauly and I are doing coffee tomorrow. Am very worried about it...am sure that Mr. B would explode if he knew. Here we go again (back to normal). M's interview is tomorrow.

Please keep your fingers crossed for us job searchers, including Zombieslayer...hugs, Bridg


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