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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Money For Nothing

Doncha just love that song? Hey world, glad we're all here at the party (of life)

It was GORGEOUS here today. In the mid 20s, breezy, clear as a bell blue sky. Wow. Nevertheless, went into work. Oh yah they played back to back NCIS episodes last night too. Heaven!

My office is so clean it's empty. Got rid of all my personal stuff except the calendar/kleenex. All the files that needed to go to archives are gone. Even the DRAWERS have been cleaned out. I'm so happy that I won't be there forever.

No I have not found a job yet. Do have something that might turn into something but won't know for a while. Also someone checked out my references. Said that he didn't have anything but only hangs onto resumes that he knows are good and he was interested in mine. It was in an area I"d never thought of before. Sooo ya never know. Also got a note from a very senior consultant, who had done some talking about me to others, bless his heart.

Also heard a rumor that I'm going to be asked to do work (the stuff Mr. B DIDN'T want my filthy presence contaminating? THAT!) in the highest priority, most heavy workload area we have. I have a meeting tomorrow with him almost first thing.

Sure hope he doesn't ask. I dunwanna. At all. Mentally I left there weeks ago, and could not care less what happens except to my buddies. That's odd for me because I care a lot about my work. But not nowwwwwwwwww. Will be happy to advise. It's nice that Mr. B has let me search for work full time, but now that I'm doing that, it'd bring all to a stop if he gets me into actual work. Especially THAT file. It's a full time job for 2 people. That's what M and I were doing.

On the plus side, am having lunch with Marcus tomorrow, who, like S is gorgeous, has a great sense of humor, is smart (and married). But he's great company. And lunch with M is on for Friday. I think. Unless he gets stuck digging holes again.

Can't wait to leave, can't wait to leave, can't wait to leave. Is that bitchy? Well, don't mean it that way. Just feel happy.

S and Issy have been wonderful lifesavers. I can't count the number of times they wind up in my office. Today all of us got into an e mail war. It was hilarious and went on for about half an hour. It's become a normal thing. Actually Mr. B is sort of being nice. He spent most of our staff meeting talking to/at me. It was weird. M did that, but heck we were together 80% of the time. Dunno why Mr. B was acting like that. He is probably overwhelmed with work...like M and I were.

Mom's cat is fine even though he isn't eating much. The vet gave my mother some appetite stimulants for him. Got to tease Bigger Bro today (Wednesdays are the days he spends with her) about 'Mom always liked me best' on the phone. It was GREAT.

Will catch up on all of your blogs later tonight or tomorrow. I've been studying for interviews and my brain is fried.

Love ya all tho, hope you know that!



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