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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Love Train

Let's hear it for the O'Jays!!! Hi World, how goes it?

It's hot here but not as hot as it's been. I'm watering both lawns (front and back) now and don't care a fig if I get arrested/shot/whatever for it. How much worse than my job could it be, lol?

Mr. B (Da Big Cheese) took today and Monday off. Yippee!! We are being audited (file stuff) on July 6 so this gave me a chance to do some fixing up of files and some more job hunting. Had a good lead that might actually work. This was a very nice man I talked to.

M called. Wanted to catch up on news, go for beer after work on Monday, and said six times that he'll call me on Monday. Think that his wife doesn't like me calling. She's gotta be nuts. I am nowhere in her league looks wise. Yah M and I are close but that doesn't mean oh forget it. Yes M I got the picture. Poor you.

He's discouraged, of course. So am I. Had two phone calls today from friends/clients who were dumbfounded and very upset when they got a whiff of what happened. I am not being brutally honest but clear. Holy cow the reactions. I can't say that I blame them---after all both M and I have long positive histories not only with these guys but others too. Oh well. It does warm the heart to know that people care. It really does.

Mom's cat is home! The prob was his thyroid. Mom had been giving him meds, then her vet said to stop doing it. Then the cat quit eating. WELL?? Sheesh. Glad she took him to my vet (I mean Smokey's). So he's eating, gained back the weight he lost, and Mom is very happy. Thank Heavens!!

It's a long weekend here and in the U.S. too. I am going to enjoy sleeping in. And going to movies and the usual weekend stuff. Have no desire to watch fireworks, I get enough of that at work. But it is lovely to kick back and let loose.

Thank all of you for hanging out here with me and being so encouraging. It makes all the difference in the world. Love ya for it. This'll pass, sooner or later.

May all be well in your worlds....Bridg


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