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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Keep It Comin On (warning: religious)

In my smart ass youth, used to refer to the song as "keep it common law".

Anyhow, I'm a member of a really neat Yahoo group that's angel related. Those of you who aren't religious might not be too fond of this post, so be warned.

One of the members sent out a message that I found really timely and very helpful. I'm repeating it here to give it wider audience, in case it could help someone else. The person who sent it is : "B K" bkgswu@yahoo.com. I don't usually post, or always read, this kind of thing but something in the title really grabbed me today. I italicized the part that hit me the most. Here it is (remember, it's pretty religious):

Keep Looking Forward

God tells us to simply remember Him and forget everything else. This is not difficult. Those who find it difficult to forget everything else would also find it difficult to remember God. Those who pay attention to remembering God will automatically forget everything. There are certain things that particularly prevent us from being able to remember God. One of these is remembering the past. Actually, you strain your neck trying to look around and look at the past. A lot of pain is experienced by remembering the past.

Instead of thinking of the past we have to pay attention to looking forward and preparing for the future. Actually, the soul does want to look forward and prepare to go home. Now allow yourself to do this work. Don't allow yourself to keep experiencing pain by looking at the past. God is working on you; removing all the alloy from you. What will be left after the alloy is removed? Only gold. pure gold. Pure gold is very bright and beautiful. He is a goldsmith and as much as you hand over to him, He will have that much to work on. Gold retains its value. Keep something old with you and God does not get the chance to work on that aspect.

Nowadays people wear such strange clothes and they call it 'fashion'. God has taught us to wear very simple clothes. Be careful how you spend your money. What is the need of spending huge amounts on clothes? Wear simple clothes. The work of a laundryman is very good service. God asks us to give Him our dirty clothes. He will wash, iron and hand them back. However, if you decide you don't want to give them to Him, what can he do? The result of not handing over what you have to God? You will not be able to become clean, pure.

The darkness of ignorance can only be destroyed when you have the light of knowledge.

Some pay attention to remind others of God throughout the day; just giving happiness. Others just trouble others. If someone needs something then help them! Some of you seem to feel that a little extra bit of work is like a mountain. It is as if they have a burden on themselves and they cannot take on any more. We have to learn from each other. Some do so much and they feel that they have not done anything. They remain light and say that God makes them do everything and it is He who helps.

Let me become full with everything God has given me. In the Golden Age we will have peace and happiness but we have to attain that now. Who can have peace now? The soul whose heart is clean. One who has such love for honesty and truth and does not want to hide anything inside. Just make this one effort; God I want to be really honest. See then how you dance. You will feel your own sweetness. there will be nothing else in your heart.

We should continue to write letters to God. If the letter was filled with the fragrance of honestly, God would kiss the letter! If he did not hear from us, he would think that maybe something had happened to the child.

Actually, if you want to become part of the Rosary of Victorythen you need to wear the garland of teachings around your neck.

Remain light and keep your vision on your role and playing it well. In fact if you are doing what God wants you will be loved by everyone.

Do you remember the days of your childhood throughout the day or do you just get lost in your own thought? Now stop thinking of what is going to happen to others. If I were to leave my body today then what would be my condition? If you don't think what your final destination will be according to your thoughts now, then at that time you will have to cry.



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