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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm Your Captain

OK world, put your hands together for Grand Funk Railroad!!

It was steamy hot here again today. Took my mother to get her eyes examined (they do that every 6 months when you have glaucoma) and waited, took her home, then went to lunch with Z, M and Pauly. They all were a sight for sore eyes, especially M. Not just how he looked, which was gorgeous as usual, it was his face, how it lights up when he's excited in what he's talking about, how he laughs...it's so energizing. Mr. B can't hold a candle to him.

Z would not stop talking (I mean nonstop). She's very concerned about the field that I'm in and how the profession is being treated or how it will evolve in our organization, given that M is gone and that I have more than one foot out of the door. But still 2 hours of chatter is a lot, especially when she kept focussing on things that got me very unnerved. Finally I had to say something and I did (you're making me feel bad"). And then she dove right back in but caught herself.

M and I just wanted to talk. Alone. Nothing romantic, just to talk. So we did, over coffee. He warned me that Mr. B has an agenda against me, and that it will never decrease because the man never cools off, he just gets madder and madder no matter how much time elapses. M's advice was, when the going gets nasty, to just say that it looks like things are not going to go well between us, so I'm going to concentrate on finding another organization to work in, and in the meantime I'll support him to the best of my abilities. M and I hugged bye. I almost backed into a truck leaving. It wasn't my fault that I didn't hit him. That's how unnerved/upset I was about the topic of conversation (Mr. B and how he will likely get Bridg). Next time it'll just be Pauly, M and me. I love Z, she's just far too emotional right now for me to deal with in the state that I"m in (whatever that is--high strung?).

I hope that I have the strength to do that re Mr. B. Without crying, etc. M also feels that Mr. B is trying to lay the groundwork for calling me unstable, etc., so I will really have to play it cool. I hate feeling one way and acting another but will. M reiterated his promise to hire me asap wherever he goes. He is counting on 1 of 2 jobs although 4 and now possibly 5 are open. Wow. Wish I was that good. I'm a teckie, not a manager. But usually teckie jobs come open after manager jobs are staffed, so I am hoping. I did pick up a few contact names to call on today.

Once I got home (unscathed), got some good and bad news. Good news: the bank approved a consolidation loan for me. Bad news: I got a notice that the parking lot nut (the one who kept losing my cheques and says I owe him $180) sent me a notice threatening to take me to court unless they get $$ in 48 hours and for me to 'govern myself appropriately'. That last bit is hilarious. The further good news is that I tracked down all the money I gave this idiot, and I actually paid him twice in February, so he owes me money. This should be good. I will confirm with the bank tomorrow. If I"m right, he'll have to pay me and the collection agency he sic'd on me.

And speaking of tomorrow, tomorrow a.m. is when I have to go see my shrink to get an "Bridg can go back to work now" note. In the history of stupid management, this has got to rank right up there. I'm back to Imodium, nosebleeds and nausea again. Thanks doc, I really need this. Well maybe this is a karmic payback or lesson in patience and control. I'll try to look at it as the latter.

All of the rhodos and azaleas are blooming YUM. Goatsbeard almost ready to bloom. Ferns are growing like mad. Spent some time watering everything and of course got drenched in the process, but at least the hose stuff is out there now. Has anyone else noticed that the mosquitoes are the size and temperment of teradactyls? WOW the suckers are huge this year. Ok you lazy birds--manga!!

Well world, am getting very sleepy. Thank you all of my readers for your words of encouragement. I need and welcome every one of them. Am dreading Monday like you would not believe but am trying not to think about it. Tomorrow may join a gym or just start walking.

Hugs, Bridg


  • At 6/08/2005 04:22:00 PM, Blogger nutty said…

    Make the nut pay! Make the nut pay! Oh and Nasty Mr B make him pay too!

  • At 6/08/2005 04:56:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Thanks Undies, will do!


  • At 6/10/2005 11:07:00 AM, Blogger En said…

    what kind of encouragements you need? I mean... inspirational? Motivational? You can search from google! I just search around and found your blog. I'm a Singaporean, therefore my English are not that standard. Pardon me. =)


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