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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ya Gotta Have Friends

G'Day world! HOpe your day was great? Mine was, even with the clouds, rain etc. here.

Had all kinds of phone calls and e mails from cherished ones today. Jer called (and even said hi to Smokey--The Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe. I have a special place in my heart for folks who like my pets), heard about the job interview directly from the interviewers (so far so good), e mails from Pal of Pals Pauly, also Issy, S and SM. My day was complete enough with that, but there's even more!

Took Mom to drop off her pee (yes yuck. I meant to the lab), then we went shopping. To me shopping is a hobby, and something I excel at.

Do not ask about 'paying'.

Anyway, wound up getting, among other things, support hose (yes it turns out I sit at this computer too long!), a back massager (see previous comment), annnnnnd--chocolate!! Yep all kinds of it.

Have not eaten (much) of it. Did talk Mom into doing it too.

Think that there is something healing about chocolate, and about shopping. Shopping for chocolate is just sublime. Don't you (women) find that? We sure did today. That feeling is gonna last for days I am positive of it.

M's interview is tomorrow, so please pray/keep something crossed for him. Can't think of anything to add to that except that this is a fine, very talented and highly ethical person who deserves to have something great happen for him. I hope that this is it. Same applies to Pauly, Jer, Marc, S and Issy, BTW, but M is the one with the interview on Thursday.

Bought an excellent book on controlling (your own) thoughts and emotions and started reading it today. McKay is one of the authors, and he is fabulous at stuff like this. He and a guy named Fanning wrote a book called Self Esteem years ago. My doctor (shrink) was so impressed with my progress that she bought copies of the (Self Esteem) book. Ooops good thing I typed that, I have a shrink appointment tomorrow a.m.

And speaking of THAT, listen to this (well, only if you want to). I am having the wildest dreams and they're all scary. Last night's was that I was kidnapped by mobsters, and while out on some errand they sent me on, I was in a convenience store which was robbed. The owner was executed but I wasn't. Somehow I got a paper towel stuck in my throat and had a great deal of trouble breathing. This morphed in some way (do not ask me how, I have no idea) of my being in a market with a great looking gay neighbor guy (neither of my neighbors is male in real life). I lost my shoes and wound up walking around barefoot in the snow looking for the shoes...developed a deadly case of asthma and could not breathe. Then I woke up.

Isn't that odd???? Was so relieved (a) that it was a dream and (b) to find Smokey at the bottom of the bed.

Guess I need a book on controlling my dreams next, lol. Can't wait to tell my shrink about those dreams...

Am torn about work. Miss my colleagues/friends like crazy. Miss doing the work too. Do NOT miss TLT, who is no doubt sharpening piercing objects preparing for my return. Oh damn, oh well. Am trying very hard not to think about it.

Watched a Nightline show about miracles tonight. We all need one: M, me, the office I work in, my blog buddies...and I wish each and every one of you at least one in the near future.

Like the song goes: wishing, hoping and praying.....

Hugs world...Bridg


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