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Friday, May 27, 2005

Whenever I Call You Friend//A New Day Has Come

Hola world, how goes it?

It's raining like Vancouver here, but it ain't Vancouver! I smile whenever I hear the songs listed above. It reminds me not only of M but the whole gang at work (the good part--98% of them). That's M, S, Pauly, Issy, Marc, and Doris. Jery's song, well there are so many of them, but the big one is Sometimes You Can't Do It Alone and Isn't That What Friends Are For. OK while I'm at it, Pauly is "Adrian" because I always wanted to do a duet with him on that one , "Money for Nothin" because he is so cool and also 'Right Here, Right Now" because he stands up for what and who he believes in AND he told me the name/performer of the song. There are approx. one billion songs that M reminds me of, we don't need to go there, but "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood", which started out as MY song, now reminds me of him (mostly the boot stomping part). Doris (definitely a Lenny Kravitz one), Issy (I'm guessing Celine Dion/R. Voisin but not sure) and S I am still working on. Am close to one on S. Marc, well he's "Waiting On the Dock of the Bay" and "Walkin in Memphis"--a diff kind of cool.

You realize that I"m probably totally wrong on all these? Well, it's a Bridge's brain thing.

Went into work today for a meeting with M. He gave me a good appraisal, we met with a contractor (I had the whole story to give her on something, then M, I, S and Pauly went out for lunch. MAN it was so GREAT. I LOVE THESE GUYS with my entire heart and soul, I really really do. Did NOT want to be in the office but desperately want to be with the guys. Had a lot of laughs--I proposed to come back with a pillow under my clothes (to drive Mr. B nuts) and suggested that the guys do the same thing. We could all get preggers at the same time. Heh heh heh. I still got it (*wink*)! Got a lovely big hug from my darling pal Pauly and a kiss from S. They are just perfect. Hard working, funny, smart and damn cute. And all like the same type of music--how is THAT for cool?

So went back home--it was 2:30 ish, raining like all get out, cold and slippery. I had errands to do but decided to stay home. Mom had another one of her emergencies (left all her meds somewhere) but my darling nephew C, the one who looks like S, went and got them. Napped till 7:00 or so. It was particularly sad because it was M's last day. I can't believe that, I just can't accept or believe it. He said that he didn't know how I'd be able to do it (go back without him) and suggested extending my leave. I didn't know what to do, was just so sad. Until the smart-assery started at lunch, that is.

So there isn't much to report on except very mixed feelings about going back. That's a little more than a week away. I have a doctor appointment on Tuesday to see if I"m ready. Sure don't feel that way, lemme tell ya. Sorry if this is boring. What if my old boss offers me a job before M does? THEN what? Leave the old boss, who rescued me, in the lurch? I couldn't do that! Hold off for M? That's a real gamble. Easiest/Best/Most Stressful thing would be to go back to work where I was. Ick Ew but the guys are there! Aw what do I know? Will let it sit a while.

Will do more basement stuff (moving clothes down there) this weekend, along with weekend stuff, maybe catch a movie or two. Heck might even see if S wants to do something social.

The Bee-Foot is much better but still needs bandaging and all that. Gross. Am covered in pretty scary looking bruises but they'll fade. Am still over the moon about how much space is in the basement. Cannot believe it. Wow.

Well folks, enjoy your weekend. Party hearty, nap, retire to the comfort of your loved ones.
Me, I'm going to bed!

Nighty night...Bridg


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