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Friday, May 06, 2005

Sweet Freedom

Since I love this song, am pretty sure I've already used it but what the heck.

Hi World! Happy Friday!

Today my doctor gave me a MONTH off sick leave. YIPPEE!!! No more of that troll for a glorious four weeks. Hopefully I'll have a foot out the door by then. Went in today and turned in my leave form (the troll was out) and cleaned out the rest of my office/gave away stuff and then went to dinner with S, who (as I said before) is gentle, very smart/witty, fun to be with and gorgeous. Not because of the looks, but he is one of my fave guy-folks, along with Pauly, Marc, Michel, Jery.

Does life get better? Well, it sure is looking this way.

I have a job interview on Monday at 9:00 and the people there are good. I do have to read up a bit but no big deal I hope. Mr. B/TLT/troll will need to sign off on it. Let's hope his hatred for me outweighs his need to torture me in person. Michel is being 'sent back' three weeks early as of Monday (TLT/etc. sent him an e mail to that effect today) and has a job interview, of all things, Monday afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed, please folks?

So for the next little while I get to garden, go to movies, sleep (oh man if only I could!), and job hunt. It sounds great. Scary but less so than what's been going on.

Pauly says, and I agree, that things happen for a reason. Don't know where this is leading, but even the really crappy stuff usually (for me) had lead somewhere good.

The weekend is supposed to be glorious, weather-wise and it sure is now.

A sign of things to come?

All the best to ya, world. Hugs, songs, kisses and great joy!



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