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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Stuck On You

Buenos noches world! Hope your Saturday was delicious?

Rainy day (not in Georgia, however) here--many of my garden babies are blooming (the rhodos and azaleas). Took Mom shopping, and as usual we broke our respective banks. Did the nap thing after...and then started straigtening up the scary room.

Holy crap the things that pile up in 12 years. I filled a large Sears bag with unused bows, a box that a microwave came in with Christmas paper, and on it goes. Four garbage bags of trash and that does not include recycled boxes or the stuff I'm having junk people haul away.

Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe is quite peturbed--the basement/scary room is also her evening retreat. Whenever I don't feed/pet her enough, she retreats to the basement.

Feel very buggy and dusty ICK. Also found a disturbing amount of paint...and what the heck is it with me and Christmas decorations? There are enough down there to do the whole flipping neighborhood.

Knowing me, I forgot that I already bought decorations and got more.

Not this year!

Hell, I won't have to buy anything but presents (as if that isn't enough) until I'm 80, if I make it to that age. Wonder how bad it would have been had I had kids/been still married? YIKES.

Anyone want some junk? Worst of it is, I"m not finished yet.

Night all....Bridg the dusty


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