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Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Pony Man

Hi world--this is a GREAT song for kids:
G. Lightfoot
When it's midnight on the meadow
And the cats are in the shed
And the river tells a story
At the window by my bed
If you listen very closely
Be as quiet as you can
In the yard you'll hear him
It is the pony man

We're always there to greet him
When he tumbles into town
He leads a string of ponies
Some are white and some are brown
And they never seem to kick or bite
They only want to play
And they live on candy apples
Instead of oats and hay

And when we're all assembled
He gives a soft command
And we climb aboard our ponies
As in a row they stand
Then down the road we gallop
And across the fields we fly
And soon we all go sailing off
Into the midnight sky

And as we gaily rock along
Beside a ripplin' sea
There's Tom 'n Dick 'n Sally
And Mary Joe and me
And the pony man is leading
Cause he's traveled here before
And he gives a whoop and a holler
At Mr. Moon's front door

And then we form in single file
inside the moon we go
Into a land of magic
that the grownups do not know
Where the streets are paved with chocolate
and the trees are hung with toys
And there's chewing gum for every one
of the little girls and boys

And as we stop to rest a while
Where the soda river glides
Up to the slip comes a pirate ship
To take us for a ride
And the pony man's the captain
And the children are the crew
And we go in search of treasure
And laugh the whole night through

But then the clouds surround us
and the seas begin to boil
And the wind howls like a dragon
as upon the decks we toil
When 'longside floats a bottle
which soon on board is hove
With a map inside which leads us to
a giant treasure trove

And when the hold is filled with gold
And the sails begin to strain
And the deck's piled high with apple pie
We head for port again
And down the whirling starcase
So swift our ponies fly
And we're safely in our beds again
When the sunbeams kiss the sky

When it's midnight on the meadow
And the cats are in the shed
And the river tells a story
At the window by my bed
If you listen very closely
Be as quiet as you can
In the yard you'll hear him
It is the pony man

Well I would have LOVED the Pony Man's company today in the scary room aka basement. My back, upper and inner thighs are killing me--for all the wrong reasons (exercise by cleaning).
It is looking much better down there but there is so much junk to get rid of it isn't funny. Tomorrow is a holiday in Canada...which means no stores will be open in the province. Oh well, it's waited 12 years to get cleaned, it can stand waiting another day.

Buuuuuut during my 2-3 hour cleaning spree.....I found a big dead bug under a box that had not been opened (It's a box containing a new fake Chrismtas tree. Think I got it at Wal Mart. It's never been opened).

Not the good kind of bug to find in one's basement. It was 'fresh dead', not dehydrated or anything.

This is really stressing me out. I'm talking about the c-------h word. Ick ick ick. They were in an apartment I lived in and moved out of because of the damn bugs. Got the whole works fumigated--twice--to be sure after I moved to a rented townhouse. Sure don't want to go through that again.

How did it get in here? In a box? I have bought a fair bit of stuff lately. Well, that's how I"m consoling myself unless/until I see another one.

If/When that happens, you'll hear the scream all the way to the Pacific coast, I promise. Ick ick ewwww.

Even got plastic containers to keep the wrapping paper in. You can still smell the odor of the bug killer that the fumigator guys used, it was that strong, and that was 12 years ago.

MAN I need a new focus!

Well tomorrow's supposed to be rainy again, like today was (going to six degrees tonight folks. What am I wearing? Silk light blue pjs. I like cold). So if it is rainy, I"ll cook stuff and make soup. And in general stay out of the basement.

Did buy and installed one of those plastic shelving units. It has 5 shelves and is way taller than me. Managed to fill 3 of the 5 shelves with paint and pain-related stuff. Same situation as the Christmas stuff. Oh yah, found more Christmas stuff. And found out that the mice that Emmi attracted into her/my/house next door's basement got into the container that the 6 man tent is in. I'm not even gonna bother looking at it. I know what I"m gonna find. The junk guy can have it. At 53, I"m not keen on setting up that huge tent anyway. I love camping, it's just the stiffness after a night sleeping on air mattresses is no longer my idea of a good time.

Mom and I hit Swiss Chalet for dinner. Talked her into having a large draft beer...so who fell asleep at home after din-din? Yah right me. How embarrassing. This woman just can't hold her liquor but at least I'm quiet about it lol.

Hope you had a great weekend world, even if it was rainy locally. It sure is making the flowers bloom. Am getting ready to take more pics--sun or no sun. The remaining two weeks of leave feel like an incredible luxury and I haven't thought (much) more about work since I quit the e mail etc. It's a suprisingly good feeling (separation from Pauly, S, Issy, Marc aside).

Did say some prayers about it. St. Michael is my hero/go-to guy.

Well, night world. Think I"m gonna be crashing soon. Worn out from all the home-keeping stuff.

hugs, Bridg


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