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Sunday, May 08, 2005

It's A Beautiful Day

Gotta love U2, right world?

It IS a beautiful day here! Warm, breezy, birds singing....just lovely.

Saw Kingdom of Heaven last night with Mom, Sis and Sis' life partner. Wow what a movie. I can see what the controversy was about--NO ONE comes out of this looking good, but from all I've read about religion in those days, it is accurate. Orlando Bloom does a marvelous job. Good movie, definitely. Unless you're pro-war or fervently religious, in which case I'd stay the heck away from it.

Didn't do much else yesterday except get hair done (getting ready for interview-s). Did some minor things for M that were work related (his last day as a boss is today although I'm not supposed to know it officially).

So today am doing the usual home-care things (changing linen, laundry, dusting, etc.) and reading up for my 9:00 interview tomorrow. Am excited and looking forward to doing something different, TLT willing. If not, also plan to make more contacts re moving on.

Am just realizing that this will take more than a month to pull off. Oh well, I will get rest. Have been sleeping super well the last few days, and that's made a world of difference in the physical impacts of stress (melting away like snow) and how I see things generally.

Don't worry, I'm still me! (Hope that's a good thing, lol).

Am taking Mom to dinner tonight, not that this is anything different from the usual routine. But also got her a gift certificate at her fave store, and Sis has dragged her there shopping this aft, certificates in hand. She (Mom) just called. Is firmly convinced that I'm doing the right thing, bless her heart.

Can't wait for the latest Star Wars movie. May 19 seems like forever. OK will garden etc. in the meantime....

Well, off to get dressed and read my little (? Little? Big fat white) butt off!

All the best, world! Hugs and best wishes for all, Bridg


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