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Monday, May 02, 2005

I Only Want To Be With You

Hola World, let's hear it for the Raspberries!! Or was it those guys from Scotland (forget their name--the ones who did Saturday Night)?

Today was great and I hope yours was too! Started off rainy and cold, ended up sunny and warm-ish.

Didn't post last night--fell asleep. Finished my 2003 income tax (you get 3 years around here but they start sending you rude letters after 2 years) . Turns out that they owe me just enough to pay for the stupid re-shingling. Hope I didn't screw it up too badly. At first, I figured out that they owed me $9700, then realized that I added instead of subtracted something.

I never ever said that I was smart. Just remember that....

Also ordered a LOT of heavy mulch to be delivered yesterday. Was just about to give up and go to Mom's (for dinner on Sunday, we usually go out) when the doorbell rang. There stood a very PO'd looking guy in the exact same plaid shirt that I stole from my ex (was boyfriend then) and slept in for years. Well, OK I did wash it once in a while.

I live in the middle of a row of townhouses. He didn't look too enthusiastic about bringing 14 3 litre bags around the row. Sooo he made two trips with a wagon around the back. Problem is that he had to go through a park with mature trees--a lot of them--to get to the back gate of my place. I had just opened the back door to get to the gate when I hear "SON OF A BITCH!!!" really loud. The bags had spilled and begun to split and he was maybe 1/3 of the way to my place. Managing not to laugh, I offered to hold the bags on the wagon while he pulled. Poor guy. But he sure looked and was unhappy. Had planted 6 huge trees that day (him, not me). So by the time I got to Mom's was in the mood for a good dinner. We got one, and mine included 2 marguritas. YUM. Over-ate, and ate bad stuff, so by the time I got home I fell asleep. And didn't post.

Getting back to today...got a lot of stuff finished after some panic-y moments courtesy of TLT, who M calls "Mr. B". I like that name. Anyway, S started today, so had a perfectly marvelous time talking to him. He's nice, gentle, smart and gorgeous (and single, but hell the guy's been through a lot lately). Wow. Him AND M. I am in heaven.

M had a bad weekend, stewing over Mr. B and some info that didn't add up (budget stuff). At the end of today he was still trying to fix it by himself. I suggested that we check with each other (several lists involved). Long story short, something that had bugged him for about a month we settled in 15 minutes. Made ME feel better to see how much better he felt.

And the man wore his black suit today. Makes him look even less resistable than usual. Yum.

Clean it up, Bridg!

Sooo, got work done, helped M settle a major prob, S started working with us, and it's sunny AND got 2 years overdue income taxes done. Not too shabby for one day. Might even make soup tonight if energy persists.

Isn't it a grand world (once in a while?)!? G'night, world!



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