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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Flight of the Bumblebee

Heh heh heh couldn't resist it! Hi world, hope your day was smooth sailing?

The wonderful, lovely, quick and quite cute junk guys came today and took allllllll the mess away. Forgot to take before pics (guess I was too scared!) but did take some afters. Now, you're gonna look at them and say 'what the heck, this is still a lot of junk'....well just imagine 1.5 truckloads MORE of it in falling-apart boxes. Yikes.

Am in 7th heaven over the stuff being gone. Also stuff from the garage, made by my ex in 1974, finally gone. Hadn't realized how much it stressed me out seeing that (it was a shelving unit that fell apart long ago) every day until it was gone. Lovely lovely lovely.

Also updated garden pics, minus bee input.

Miss Cat is a bit put off with me for shutting her up in (get this) her room for the afternoon, but is happy with her new summer home (the basement).

Now have to recuperate from Operation Junk. Have been working on it, breaking up boxes and stuff, for about a week. Am pretty sore but the beers with M should help a great deal, I think. Spoke with the dear lad a few times today while the junk guys were at work (couldn't just sit there, felt reeeeallly guilty). He is doing fine. Had to visit his new/current boss and it went about as well as he thought it would (not great but then fish don't fly, do they?). He's taking vacation for the next little while and about time too. I am sort of dreading going into work tomorrow, but maybe I'll luck out and not run into Mr. B (no relation to bumble).

After lunch, which M promised would be long, am intending to do absolutely nothing. Who am I kidding, after even 1.5 beers, I am not capable of doing anything anyway. M mentioned that Issy was asked to do something fairly unethical by Mr. B, and she handled it beautifully (i.e. didn't do it, didn't get killed in the process). That girl is all right. Will probably see her tomorrow too.

Man is my shrink going to be ticked at me for this one. Well, I kinda sorta have to go in. It's M's last day and he wants to give me his version of my appraisal.

For those of you who just said 'uh-oh' after reading that, you are right. Mr. B will probably go to great lengths to say nasty things about me in writing, given the chance. This is his chance. However, he isn't/wasn't my direct boss. So here goes.

Did I ever mention 'all guts, no brains' is my slogan?

Well, wish me well my dears.

Oh yah before I forget, saw Revenge of the Sith today. GOOD movie. It made all the connections it had to, great scenery and misc characters in it, well done. A truly worthwhile trip to the cinema that was.

OK off to relax and hopefully sleep. Best of everything to you, world. Take care, look out for siths and bees and Mr. Bs. Meetcha back here tomorrow night, unless I wind up in beer slumberland (not too likely).



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