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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Even The Bad Days Are Good (for something!)

Hi world, hope ca va?

It's getting better here. Heard from Pauly (Best of da best) that I did a very good job on the interview..but since I was parachuted into the middle of an ongoing process that they have to finish up.

All together now....WHEW!!

Also got to talk not only to Pauly but S and M (heh heh heh just realized the combo), heard from Z and many of you wonderful guys out there too. Love you all and I mean it.

Beer with S and Z, perhaps others, on Friday yippee. M will have his interview this week..things are definitely looking up.

Finally got blood test (hormone levels including cortisol, the one that causes arterial plaque and is a stress hormone) done today but not without some rather funny effort. Had to get to the lab before 8:00. Apparently cortisol has an alarm clock. Anyway, woke up at 7:30, got dressed--didn't even wash face and headed for the garage.

Which decided after 12 years, that it would not open. Changed the battery in the opener. No dice. There is only one way into this sucker--the big door.

Went back inside, called the garage door fixers. Said they'd be here by noon, so I gave up on getting blood test done, but decided after the phone call to make one more effort to open the door.

And of course it worked.

Hmmm. Got to lab, along with 35 others. Took 45 minutes but got the test done. Since it was WELL before noon, decided to shower. Got naked, put hand on water faucet, and doorbell rings.

Yep they were 2 hours early.

But fixed the door, gave me new control thingies for the car, AND fixed the door so that a key can also open it (they didn't do that the last time).

THEN I washed up. Spent a bit of time doing e mails, taking pics of garden, fell asleep.

Dreamed, and I am not kidding, that the Jehova's Witnesses were on a mission to kill me and my son (oh yah I had my own in this one) because I'd had an affair. I even knew the JW killers. Woke up very glad that it was a dream, it was wicked.

Am now afraid (a) of the shower (b) to sleep.

Just kidding, folks.

Thanks for being so patient through the dark times, love ya for those e mails and messages (mwah!!) ...and for your wisdom. It'll pay off, honest.

Here are some pics of where I've been spending my time...finally learned how to do it.

Thanks so much Blogger Kris...

And TY world. Love ya, Bridg


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