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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Don't Think Twice (It's Alright)

Hi world, gorgeous day, no?

Had to get up early to see my shrink today. Her verdict: I'm still dreaming so have to increase meds to make me sleep; and NO E MAIL (work e mail), because mentally I'm still at work. That is why I've had nightmares about being murdered.

She also said that I've had some very tough (read: maniacal) bosses and that (a) this is not my fault and (b) anyone else would have reacted at least the same way that I did (stress reactions) and that it is time for a rest. One of my closest buds used to work with me and is now Pres. and CEO of two companies. He said that I've had some of the worst bosses in this org. I think he's right.

My shrink's explanation helped more than I can express. Guess part of this, like victims of other kinds of abuse, is thinking that somehow it is the victim's fault for attracting the abuse. Thank God for this doctor, although two weeks without hearing from my buddies--just the THOUGHT of it is definitely NOT OK. But this lady knows what she's doing so I'll go along with it.

She did NOT say no blogging tho!

Am feeling lost but this'll clear up sooner or later, I guess. No word from M on how his interview went, I am now officially very worried. Tried to call but didn't get an answer. YIKES.

Visited with Emmi at her request (She Who Makes Birds Fall Silent), she gave me an herb to plant, which was very nice of her. I mean, plant in my garden, not hers lol. Nothing else new to report, i.e. I read and fell asleep (no nightmares this time) and did get to talk to Pauly on the way home from the dr's.

Maybe this is a trick to make me WANT to get back to work to see my pals?


All the best world, I'm calling it an early night. Hoping to see the Star Wars movie soon....hugs, Bridg

p.s. Jer's given me some song lyrics to try out on you folks. That's to come, next edition!


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