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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Baba O'Reilly

Because I just turned off CSI somethingorother.

Just started thinking and wondering.

One year ago, I thought M was a yes man, and that he'd hurt friends of mine. Natch I didn't like him.

A year ago, I'd resigned myself to working for the world's biggest joke as a manager and a true clown (the one M replaced).

And here I am, about to leave a place I love (feels like it doesn't care about me right now, tho) --probably taking a pay cut to do it and doing it all with less than an hour's thought--going to one of two places that are both at the bottom of the heap in terms of reputation because of my friendship with and fervent respect for this same guy I thought was awful a year ago.
M, meanwhile, turns out to be just like me, a rabid protector of me (well OK not exactly rabid but I didn't want to say 'fervent' twice in two lines), an expert in our field and a genuinely good guy. A guy I thought I loved and perhaps do (just not that way).

Can't help but shake my head.

Maggie Thatcher had it right: It is a funny old world after all.


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