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Saturday, May 21, 2005

10 Things I've Never Done

Hey been tagged by my fave blogger, Raven. OK, here we go, ten things I"ve never done (Raven I took some of yours because they fit me too):

1-been blonde
2-had an engagement ring
3-had children (and yes it bugs me)
4-eaten liver or any organ meat
5-sung in public
6-known how to ice skate
7-had writer's block (i.e. never at a loss for a smart ass comment)
8-not believed in angels (i.e. have always believed, talked to or seen them)
9-gotten a good report card as far as 'deportment' (behaviour) goes.
10-liked veggies unless they're on pizza

OK, now I tag: Annhttp://annangel.blogspot.com/
Undies http://undertheundies.blogspot.com/
annnnd Kitkathttp://penguinsrcool.blogspot.com/


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