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Monday, April 11, 2005

Ya Mo B There

A really good day, world. Hope yours was too? Still the bright clear warm weather--apologies to those of you in Eastern Canada or in Colorado (Denver). You very poor babies!

Not sure I mentioned this in other blogs, but on Saturday night I decided to Google the word 'womanizer' to see what came up. Wound up on an 'advice to guys' site and MAN what an eye opener it was! Among other things, they advised someone that women won't date men they think are inferior to them, and men who spend their time constantly phoning, e mailing (etc.) the woman in question, and wondering where they stand in her eyes are putting themselves in an inferior (one-down) position...and to knock it off.

HELLO Bridg, that's what YOU've been doing with M! (Jer with L too....but that's another story).

Not that it matters re M, there has been a turning point I think. The guy's a natural flirt, I"m just going to have to be resistant when it starts up again (oh it will). Anyway, today was very smooth feeling wise despite a lot of stupid bureaucratic Monday-ititites. Won't bore or irritate you with them, but there were so many I checked with Pauly to make sure that no one had declared war on me/us.

Hey Issy started today! She is really a great, sharp person! M redeemed himself with this one after hiring that idiot L (bet you thought I'd forgotten that one, huh? LaBitch? At least he's told her to leave me alone which so far she is doing). Issy and LB are in the same office--poor Issy! She's pretty strong-minded/assertive, so this (the combo) should be interesting. GREAT to have another person with a clue in the office...Pauly and I were getting lonely (M doesn't count, he's a boss). Found out just how bad my French is but she's quite patient with me (so far, it's her first day!). She has a great sense of humor (horray).

Got 'asked' by the Olympic tossing person (M's boss) to go to the staff meeting even though it's during my first French class. I hate staff meetings, that man always manages to get in a dig at me during them and being the control freak that he is, I am not allowed to answer the cheap shots. I know that I must make him damn uncomfortable, since I am not subserviant, have been in this office 13 years longer than he, have questioned some of his statements (he likes to 'speechify') in meetings, etc. Come to think of it, I must bug the h*ll out of him. Anyway, by some coincidence I've managed to miss most of the staff meetings lately. Something's up--M told me that the man now respects me and M wanted me to be at that meeting too.

Oh oh.

Oh well.

At least it'll be entertaining for someone. Sometimes to liven things up I try to make L laugh without saying a word. Usually works. Now that Pauly's back, I have TWO folks to crack up. Oh yah and Issy..well, she'll have to behave this time I guess.

Get to see my Clint Eastwood pal tomorrow for lunch. Anyone know a way to lose 75 pounds overnight? Boy is he going to give me h*ll.

Geez you'd think I'd be used to it by now.

Well, off to finish laundry folks. I found three tops I'd lost going through the wash hamper. That is AWFUL. On the plus side, spent my first night without sleep meds in about two months last night. Didn't go that poorly, but not that well either. Does anyone else out there have problems sleeping in spring? Haven't overeaten yet but am dying to....

TTFN (ta ta for now), World! Bon soiree!



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