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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What Would I Have To Do?

Let's hear it for Donna Summer, world!

"What would I have to do
To get you to notice me too?
Do I stand in line?
One of a million admiring eyes?

Walk a tightrope way up high?
Write your name across the sky?

I'm going crazy just to let you know
You'd be amazed how much I love you soooo baby
I've been around enough to know
This time I know it's for real"

And I could go on and on but won't.

You're welcome!

Wish I could say that today was better, but with a meeting every blinking hour, not too bleeping likely. However the meetings went smoothly, everything got done. My poor boss-ieola, M, spent 2.5 hours with TLT getting sh*t on for everything from original sin to the weather to the color of our building...you name it. And he didn't lose his cool, which must have been excrutiatingly difficult. But all three of us have our feet poised on the threshold. This man is AN IDIOT.

The kind of work I do can be quite scary. I mean people used to get scared when they heard that someone from the X group wanted to see them. It was kind of like being taken to the guillotine. The original boss who hired me into this place knew that, and we worked hard on overcoming that image. I go out of my way to dress down, run a hell of a lot of joke lists with wide distribution (folks I trust), and I'm a gentle, reassuring person in the first place. Most of my work for the past 5 years at least (out of 14) has been 100% request based, i.e. people come to me and ask me to do work for them. There's been so much that I had to hand over some projects to other colleagues. And the work takes a helpful, problem solving approach. Not a blaming one.

So today TLT says that our profile isn't high enough, people don't know about us, and we don't do innovative work. Not that he's ever read any of it. I kid you not.

I only have 5 awards for innovation.

He doesn't have any.

I am just ticked that this moron is our boss' boss, when frankly the job is so over his head that it's funny (he's been in it going on 3 years. 3 LONG years). M has attracted quite a lot of additional support where we are, and it's because he tries to work WITH people and is helpful. TLT is, well I'd say pit bull but that's defaming the breed. Anyway, let's say that if you're looking for a fight to waste your time, TLT's your 'man'. Lotsa testosterone, not much in the old brain box. A complete waste of time. The kind of boss who helps you do your job? Not this guy, he gets in the way as much as possible.

It's bad enough that there are morons around, but why do WE get stuck with unethical, stupid and hostile ones?

Oh well. There's always lightening strikes.

The other moron in my life, the one who ran the parking lot that I used to park in, actually sent his 'account' to a collection agency. They called today. I explained what was going on, then contacted my lawyer. This will probably be the end of that.

Another idiot! Actually in this case, I strongly suspect that alzheimers or alcohol is involved.

Maybe I'll drag Pauly out for lunch tomorrow to cheer us up. Was supposed to go with Jery and LC but don't think I could put up with much from Jer these days. Honestly, we are buds, have been for years, I'm just steamed that he's become so self-centered these days (I've had demands put on me that I haven't written in here about. Trust me, they were out of line and excessive in number).

I need to cool off.

Fidgi, anyone?


There's more right than wrong going on, it's just that they could ALL go wrong so quickly it's scary.

And here I sit, innocently trying to work despite TLT and menopause...la de dah de dah....until tomorrow when I get flame-throwered.

Gotta go get some asbestos undies!

Night world, have a great sleep. I'm back to sleeping pills, thank GOD, until this menopause nonsense ends.....Bridg


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