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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What Does It Take

Well world it's official: B Spears is pregnant and I'm an old fogy for not giving much of a d*mn. Good luck kid. I mean that both ways. I'm old enough to be HER mother. Yikes.

Today happened so fast I don't remember it. Somehow it got to be Wednesday (tomorrow) and I still haven't done thing 1 on the urgent list, and instead more stuff got onto it. Has that ever happened to you?

I thought so. Ugly isn't it?

On the plus side, lunch with Clint Eastwood was great. Man I love talking with that guy. He is one of those rare men who (a) looks fantastic with grey hair, (b) could look elegant wearing a trash bag, (c) is a fascinating conversationalist--know what is interesting to you and more important, pays attention to what you say/said a year ago, and (d) is just plain fun. Yes he's married, no I'm not interested in him that way, just love the guy's company. He's retired now, and as much if not more fun to be with than before he retired.

Very cool.

What's the latest with M? Well, I suspect he is turning into a boss, either in my head or in reality because he's just realized that he has five of us to take care of. There is quite a lot of the W word (work) going on and it's all at his level (big guy stuff). Some of it I can help with, most of it not.

Unfortunately I have this 'mothering' streak.

It's rather large.

It does me in a lot.

It gets me into work and situations I'd be better off without.

But here I am again, wanting to rescue M the poor lamb from whatever it is that is making him 'work' instead of 'fun' at work. Does that make sense? I'm fighting my own Fontella Bass tendencies (aside: 'be quiet, you!').

Issy is having fun. The grin on that lady's face is fantastic. She tried to race me into M's office this morning (we both got there at the same time, but I made a joke about being bigger than she is--she's really tiny). Hey I just realized that Pauly's about the only guy in the group besides M (C works half days, is not a maniac but is amused by us who are, and must be way over retirement age. We rarely see him). Should ask him if he's OK with that. If not, we'll ask LaBitch to get one of those Swedish operations.

Heh heh heh

Just love the morning chats we have. Usually first thing in the day for me, two hours after he starts for him. Pauly I think you're my link with sanity besides this blog (no that isn't blame you're hearing).

Left work early to get my hair done. That must sound pretty stupid, but at this point I could easily tuck my bangs behind my ears and as far as roots go, I was a brown and white zebra and I really hate that. Besides the hair place is down the street (within 3 blocks) of the office.

Brenda my bud does my hair. She is the coolest person I know. Really great to talk to, doesn't get bothered by much. Has tons of company because people like hanging around with her. Calls her parties 'good sh*t' parties because only good sh*ts are invited to them. I always give her a ride home if I can after she finishes my hair. She gives me hell over the amount I tip (she does a fantastic job and I'll be d*mned if she gets screwed out of one just because she's a pal). We played Motown all the way to her place at pretty full volume (Junior Walker and the All Stars). Found out today that she's had one heck of a bad run of health stuff (ovary removed, other cyst work in much worse places, father-in-law passed away). And she was so casual about it all--not in a fake way. MAN. And she's so young too!

Wish I could be a fairy godmother/person and just wave a wand to make all that kind of stuff (and certain people) just go away. REALLY want to be able to do that.

Jer's mom wants to talk to me and I don't know why. NOW I"m worried. Wish I knew what's up...he's doing fine from what I can tell. Has been a little chatty, then a little quiet. A mother-daughter thing? Hate stuff hanging over my head (well, you'd have to be a little nuts to LIKE that, wouldn't you?).

Ian's luggage got lost on the way to Paris. For me, that would be an excuse to go out and buy more clothes. He obviously isn't like that, being solvent and sensible and all. The place you get your luggage back from is in India. They kept asking him what his luggage looked like and what was in it. Sounds both frustrating and funny.

Realized that I do a lot of personal life stuff at work. Well, those folks are very interesting and with very few exceptions I care deeply about them all.

Night all.........gotta get up extra early (i.e. be on time) tomorrow *strains of Manic Monday start*



  • At 4/12/2005 11:23:00 PM, Blogger .: raven :. said…

    hey Bridget .. couldn't wait til tomorrow .. thought i'd pop over and see you. great blog! i didn't get to read everything so this may be a dumb question (i know you hate those dumb people!!) but do you really know Clint Eastwood?? :)

    i hate the grey roots thing too .. i am about 90% grey .. i color every 10 days to 2 weeks .. i do it myself now ... ugh ...

    thanks for stopping by .. and for your kind words. they were much appreciated ... looking forward to reading more of you ...

    have a great day ...

  • At 4/13/2005 06:14:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Hi Raven, thanks for the compliment and I mean everything I wrote. One thing I'm not is insincere lol.

    The guy I'm calling Clint Eastwood looks very much like him. Also talks and thinks like Dirty Harry. Great guy!

    That grey stuff is expensive, isn't it? I only have to go every 4 weeks but man if I'm a week late it's reeeeeeally ugly....



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