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Friday, April 01, 2005


Another Steve W goodie!

World, you would not believe what I did today on the way home. No, I didn't slug some slowpoke in the fast lane. Thanks to M, and maybe the outlet that this blog provides, I am unbelievably cool these days.

Weird huh?

OK anyway, wore a suit (ick ptooey) to work today because I was participating in an interview of a big shot at work who I actually respect. Apparently either I went up a size in blouses since last spring or someone shrunk all of my tops. Needless to say it was not comfy at all. And also today, Pauly, Marc, M and I went to my fave hole-in-the-wall pizzeria for lunch. Sitting on wooden chairs in a one size too small blouse is not fun, although thank heaven it was with those lovable maniacs. I'm also going out of town to do interviews for most of next week, and after today there was NO WAY that I was gonna do that in too small clothes, especially since one of the interviews is with a former mentor and still current good pal. So I stopped at my fave clothes store on the way home and...are you ready for this world???...spent $1778.00 in less than an hour. Yup. I did have help, the sales clerk knew exactly what kind of clothes I was looking for. Got 23 pieces but still, quite the total, huh? And it was fun, and I know I can't afford to do that but blimey do I care? NO (well not at the moment anyway).

Actually I'm still in shock. That wound up being 4 suits, a scarf, pantyhose and 9 ( I think) tops. A lot of it was on sale too. $50 off each jacket and a 10% discount (I have a store discount card). Yikes.

I can just hear the collective shudder from the guys who are still reading this. Sorry guys. I hate suits, can't stand wearing clothes other than sweats but now I have to look halfway decent.

One of my shoes was making a strange squishy sound so out of curiosity I looked at the sole of it today (been making this noise all week). Half the heel was gone, and these are flatbottom rubber soled shoes.

OK we are going shoe shopping tomorrow.

This is insane. Good thing I don't do it all that often.

M and I had a wonderful chat about planned studies. Can't wait to get into it....this stuff will really be groundbreaking. Finally get to use my brain a little. Oops I meant alleged brain.

Seeing Marc today was great. That guy is so much fun. The combination of him, Pauly and M is unreal...hysterical, brainy, irreverent and a HELL of a lot of fun. Wow. He hasn't said it, but I bet M's never been with this kind of group either. Good. He's good for the group and vice versa.

Am actually looking forward to this trip, a little. At least for the clothes and dinners. Will miss Pauly, Marc and Jer for the week but it's only a week.

OK world, gotta go do laundry (cleaning the clothes that don't fit anymore).



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