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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


If you've never heard this song by the Commodores, do yourself a favour and listen to it. SEXY.

Hi World! M and I were in early (8:00, crack of dawn) today in case we needed to brief a Big Shot in preparation for a ultra Big Shot meeting later this a.m. He had caused probs during the trip I was on last week for M. In public. Anyway, that (the early am meeting) didn't happen. But M asked ME to present something to the Big Shot group...the same group where I got attacked by another Big Shot in front of the other BS's (didn't get rattled, didn't lose my cool, it was great, he looked like an idiot). That was about four weeks ago.

The presentation M wanted me to make had to do with the Big Shot we came in early for and didn't hear from. This is a detailed study I finished A YEAR AGO. Did I remember much? Nope. Man it's a good thing I got my hair done yesterday and didn't come dressed like a slob (my usual state of dress). I had 2 hours to get ready, so I agreed. A bit nervous..what if I got attacked again? But went anyway.

It went great. I had so much support from the other Big Shots because of the dust-up from the last meeting that they were very sympathetic with me. And the BS we had not heard from was great too. He kind of apologized for the in public stuff last week. And M and I tipped him off to some dastardly (honest it's slimy) stuff his lower minions are up to. He was astonished but is OK with our advice. This truly is a good guy.

Even got away with a wisecrack or two in the presentation. Was nice and fast.

M got discouraged about the administrivia that we get stuck with doing. We're a very small group but the bureaucracy is unbelievable (mostly because M's boss the Olympic-to-be-tossed guy is an idiot and his girlfriend runs the admin part of the shop ick ptooey). This was a tough week for M, so I cheered him up. Called him later in the day (I am mainlining Imodium and have been for days) on the way home and he was much better by the time we finished talking on the cell.

I think that this is turning into a very cool, good/productive/almost healthy pal-ship-partnership. Who would have thought this could happen? Sure not me.

Was supposed to go to Weight Watchers for the first time tonight but no way I'm going under the (Imodium -laden) circumstances. Will go on Saturday. Although in theory I'd be ahead as far as weight goes (ha ha ha).

Never at a loss for a smart-ass comment, that's me.....

Mom's doing great. Jer is talking way too much (mooning over) LC. Pauly is as usual, a staunch pal and ally. Issy is just fantastic. We spend a decent amount of time yakking...she's a hoot. My French is getting better but MAN I suck at the moment...in French that is.

All of us are wearing jeans, black leather jackets and sunglasses to a staff meeting tomorrow. M's boss came out with a comment about that ('we should....') a while ago. Well, if we have to go to stupid meetings we may as well have fun doing it.

So we may all be unemployed tomorrow...

ha ha ha.

Actually it would be me who'd be fired because it was my idea.

Tough nookies. It's a great idea. Teambuilding and that kind of crap....

Night world....have a good one!


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