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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I Think We're Alone Now

Song running around in my head thanks to a TV show...hi world!

M agreed re my taking a day off, it'll be Friday. That way I won't have to do the cleaning twice (i.e. dust will settle by the time Peggy gets in on Saturday). Man was today vicious. TLT (M's boss) is ticked at our group (i.e. M, Pauly and me) because of our irreverent attitude. TLT takes most opportunities he gets to put down our line of work, and we make fun of him when he does it. Big surprise. Now he's ordered M to put the whole function on cost recovery and to compete with the private sector, which is illegal in this country. And for good reason. M insisted last week on TLT not dealing with us (Pauly, me, the others) directly. That at least kept the situation from getting worse...but it's still pretty bad. As far as the other stuff goes, M's putting his job on the line, and with him go Pauly and I. Neither of us will stay here if M goes, and we are (honestly) the heart and soul of this group (both of us get a lot of requests for help, have a lot of credibility, etc.). This same group also lost 100% of its staff about 2-3 years ago over 3 months, so another major loss of staff would get a lot of attention that this guy doesn't want. Anyway, Pauly and I are a team, where he goes I go too. The same with M, if the three of us can go as a team we will.

It hasn't come to that but I expect it will soon. TLT is making it so negative at work that we could file a harassment complaint, which would go to the head of our department. I am serious here...this is big stuff. Some of what TLT is telling M to do is not legal. Thank God M has integrity and a backbone. At the end of the day, TLT went to M and explained that he's trying to help us/him. Yah right and I'm Santa Claus. But that may indicate that TLT found out how much do-do he's in.

If I told you the line of work we're in you'd be shocked, world. The head of functions like this never do the types of things that TLT is attempting. If there's justice in this world, he'll wind up in jail.

Hey on a lighter note, the system cut me off before I could tell you guys about Tom. He was my first boyfriend. After 5 months of dating, things were getting serious. Then my dad decided to move us to another country (late 60s). A year later, Tom shows up at the doorstep of my folks' home, wondering how I am doing. I go to university (mid 70s). Get married. Seven years later that breaks up. Two months after Steve (the ex) moves out, I get a letter from Tom (how's it going, etc.). This is early 80s. We go to St. Thomas and Puerto Rico, date for a year. Tom is getting over the break up of a live in relationship and drinking pretty heavily, so I break it off. About ten years after that, he finds me again via Classmates web site. We start e mailing a lot, but distance and time have taken their toll. He's also more interested in fixing his 7 cars and 5 motorcycles than seeing me, so we break up again. This time I block him so that he can't contact me anymore. I figure he's had enough chances.

So now he's e mailing me at work. Several times ("I'm worried, how are you, etc."). I've got enough to deal with just on the subject of M alone, so there is no intention to reply to this guy or have anything to do with him. Given the soap opera that is my life, and knowing Tom, I'd say he's about due for another 'show up at Bridget's doorstep' move. Fortunately he doesn't know where I live since my number is not listed (telemarketer avoidance move).

Am doing well in getting over M. Tom I don't need.

Hope Peggy's up for a good round of bar hopping when she gets here. I sooo need a break.

Stay tuned, world. This could get interesting...Bridg


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