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Friday, April 15, 2005

I Should Be So Lucky

Hey World, how goes it? Another weekend YIPPEE!

Turns out that TLT (the little turd, M's boss) WAS ticked at the way certain people (we) behaved themselves at the black leather meeting. Expressed it to M. At the same meeting, TLT also ordered us to cost recover what we do, and a bunch of other unethical but legal things. M negotiated with him to let M manage such things in the future (i.e. quit telling professionals what to do). TLT reluctantly agreed. What an ass (OK I'm really swearing now).

At that same meeting his gf kept asking for hugs....M and I think she's looking to leave. Not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, that may take a while. Mixed feelings there..sympathy re working closely with a bossy idiot, unsympathy for being a buck-passer.

M and TLT have had a few run ins over the past few days. M's been showing it (in terms of fed-upedness). Glad he told me that today, it has been driving me slightly nuts. For those of you who haven't figured it out, I come from a background of abuse. Male authority figures who change moods are something I detect and react to rapidly. Growing up, my ability to predict and react to mood changes was essential to the health and well being of the rest of my family.

Another mystery solved (re M).

Think he realized today that I wasn't flirting yesterday. Am just sticking to being me--professional with a side of personal. Seems to be working. On the other hand, the atmosphere is wearing--I keep coming home and collapsing into sleep (it's a way of avoiding stress).

LaBitch is being actually nice, and helpful (in front of M). Think M's right, Issy is setting the pace for behaviour and it's having very good impacts on LB. Issy of course is great. Pauly is too. Again, didn't get work done other than running around silliness. It's part of how TLT feels like a boss (making us run around like headless chickens).

Can't wait to do gardening this weekend! And cooking and other stuff that has nothing to do with office political silliness.

Mom doing well.

Night world. Have a great weekend, celebrate life and spring..I'm gonna...Bridg


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