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Friday, April 22, 2005

How I was Robert McNamara'd Into Submission

Man I'm into Simon and Garfunkle these days. Hi world!! Hope your day was great/good/amusing!

LOVED being off today. Slept in till 11:00 ish. Took until 1:00 to get dressed and read the newspaper, then got groceries. And unfortunately fell as(fuckityfuck)leep! Woke up at 7:00 and then went to the store, got more stuff to store clothes in (I have 3 wardrobes of various sizes...it's so bad here that in a 3 bedroom townhouse I can't get another stitch onto a hanger in ANY of the closets). Then started vacuuming. It was so hot in here (74) that I had to do this in my birthday suit.

Do any of you have a bagless vacuum cleaner? I just got my first one and it seems to act as a distributor of dirt/gravel fountain more than a vacuum cleaner. But I kept at it....

I am going to personally point out to Peggy how clean the floor is. Poor girl. But at least it's done. Hey Chris sorry you got the cleaning bug too. Am seriously considering how I can get someone else to do this. The poor cat (Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe) had to go hide until the noise was over...wish I could have joined her lol.

And yes I'll admit it, also did some work via e mail this am. Good thing I did, Peggy'd e mailed me (forgot to turn on Out Of Office). She'll be here tomorrow. I hope in the evening.

Night world, enjoy the weekend!!

Hugs, Bridg


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