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Thursday, April 14, 2005


Cranberries song...like Chris (Army of Me), can you guys tell I've got the music in me? Dunno where it comes out, I couldn't carry a note in a bucket....

Happy Thursday World! Good day? Good weather? Both glorious here and it was supposed to rain (so much for weather forecasting in THIS town thank heavens).

No one got fired today over the jeans/sunglasses/leather jackets bit. The Big Cheese (Olympic person-tossing guy) just ignored us, which is fine because we're not too thrilled with him either. How intelligent could anyone be heading up a shop of about 12 folks, and not knowing what half of them do after 3 years on the job? Yah you're right, the man's a rocket scientist.

He still needs, and strongly deserves, a tossing.

The meeting wasn't as boring as I expected it to be, but a lot of that had to do with assorted smart-assery on the part of Pauly, M and me. With support from Issy, bless her heart. LaBitch cut her hair as short as a guy's. Ick. And wears construction/hiking boots and firemen's pants. Ewww not that I'm wearing skirts but....she keeps staring at me. M thinks she's wondering what I have that she doesn't (hair!).

Anyway...Da Boss (M) was gorgeous as usual with the chest fur, leather jacket etc. Man he has a nice butt too. Never noticed before and will try really hard not to notice again. What really stood out is his frustration (and mine, and Pauly's and EVERYONE'S) with our non-supporting systems. We've spent the last month or two fixing up admin systems that crapped out and hit us big time in ways that hurt (invoices not paid, money not transferred to our budget, you name it). This isn't our job, but we have not been able to do our work because of the screwups and folks are beginning to complain big time about the negligence (i.e. what do you mean the report isn't ready?). We have four support people for the Big Cheese, none for us. The bosses like M do their own filing and admin, which is expensive support work in anyone's book (they all earn over $100K/year). The four support for Big Cheese guys tell US what to do, and WE are accountable when THEY screw up. I am not exaggerating, it is a sweet deal for them. Helps if the boss is attracted to you, I guess. Sucks if you're us. They're the ones who 'take care of' invoices and contracts. We never see them until things get screwed up, and they regularly do, then we have to fix their screwups (and get blamed for them). Like I said, it's a sweet deal for them.

But again, I rant/digress.

M and I did have a short talk today, mostly about him and his issues with the Gang of Four (the admin guys). They are our (the group's) issues too. I came up with some solutions for them and sent them off to the Head of the GOF. Hope it works but....given our track record for screwing up.....

Anyway, he's in physical pain (back), and mental anguish about being frustrated with our lack of management/excess of admin. Not to mention burning out...it's been one thing after another (BIG things too). I tried to cheer him up (typical Mommy me) and when I said goodnight sent him a hug. I didn't mean it that way, honest, but he thought I did (i.e. thought that it was a come on). Didn't say so but I could see it in his face. Well tough he'll find out in the long run anyway that it wasn't.

I have enough to do without worrying about his suspicions.

Did I get work done today? Nope. Just admin.

Talked to S today. He will be with us May 2. Is now sorting out real estate with his ex fiancee. Man that sucks. Death of your only sibling, a coronor's inquest into it, an almost marriage and now splitting of assets. MAN I hope he gets a break. He also has to go to a hearing to keep his license including an eye test (during all this sh*t he went through two stopsigns). I feel so very bad for him. We talked for a long time and I wish it could have been longer (but there were folks who wanted to see me about work standing around outside my door and I started feeling guilty about it after 45 minutes). But at least I know he's OK for now.

Some days, I feel like everyone's mother. This is one of them.

Sorry World, this isn't the usual me....wish I could take my friends'/colleagues' pain away but I can't.

"This jolly old earth has to borrow its mirth having troubles enough of its own"

Night all...Bridg


  • At 4/15/2005 08:32:00 PM, Blogger .: raven :. said…

    hehe @ Never noticed before and will try really hard not to notice again.

    you're funny. :)

    thank you for all the VERY kind and caring words you've left the last few days. i am thankful that you found your way to my blog and you're been so supportive. i appreciate it more than you know.

    i look forward to reading more about you and your life .... you're a great woman ... so thank you for you.


  • At 4/15/2005 11:18:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    HI Raven, you're darn welcome. Am very relieved about the ending so far of the truly daunting stuff that you're dealing with. I feel the same way about your blog, 123 I love you and Army of Me. All three of you/four of us are strong, smart and damn gutsy folks. Think that I met you folks through 123's blog but am so glad I did.

    You, Chris and Derik are truly great folks too. Sending all of you pink auras, support and friendship...thank YOU too!


    p.s. Already broke that resolution today. MAN he has a great butt!


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